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The 10 Best Shower Radios  May 2018

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Top choice
Best Shower Radios - Shower Speaker - Certified Waterproof Wireless 4.0 Speaker Review Yigou
9 . 8
Best value
Best Shower Radios - Conair Home Shower Radio; Teal Review Conair
9 . 3
Best Shower Radios - Meepo Shower Radio Outdoor Waterproof IPX7 Portable Wireless Review Meepo
9 . 2
Best Shower Radios - Pyle - Shower Radio Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Music Review Pyle
9 . 0
Best Shower Radios - Shower Speaker – Hydro-Beat Box FULLY Water Resistant Review Hydro-Beat
8 . 7
Best Shower Radios - Splash Proof Water Resistant Mini AM/FM Radio Review Pyle
8 . 2
Best Shower Radios - Bluetooth Shower Speaker – FM RADIO – Water Review Abco Tech
8 . 1
Best Shower Radios - Shower Radios - Hydro-Beat Illumination. IPX7 portable fully Review Hydro-Beat
7 . 8
Best Shower Radios - Abco Tech Splash Proof Shower Speaker with 3 Review Abco Tech
7 . 4
Best Shower Radios - Swimming Radio, IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Built Review Mix Hero
7 . 2

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Your Guide To Buying a Shower Radio

By Nicole Blanckenberg

    Singing in the shower has been a secret pleasure for millions of people for years, and what better way to do it than with the help of backing vocals from your favorite pop stars! Shower radios are hugely popular, and whether you don’t want to miss the early morning news while getting ready for work or want to sing enthusiastically to your favorite iPod playlist, there is a shower radio for you! We have put together this show radio buying guide with all the information you need to know to buy the perfect shower radio for you.

    Shower radios come in a variety of sizes with a variety of features and choosing between them should be based on your needs and budget. Shower radios can be divided into the following types: digital tuner, analog tuner, compact, and bluetooth/wireless shower radios and we have included a short description of each for you to compare:

    Analog Tuner Shower Radio: Offering the best value for money, analog tuner shower radios allow users to manually fine tune and find their desired radio stations. These radios normally come without any fancy bells and whistles and their simple functions make them ideal for making sure you don’t miss your favorite new program.

    Digital Tuner Shower Radios: Digital tuner shower radios take all the work out of tuning by automatically searching for and finding radio frequencies with the touch of a button. Often including preset functions, these radios offer easy operation and tuning.

    Compact Shower Radios: Compact shower radios, offering fewer features in a much smaller compact size, are ideal for smaller showers. These shower radios will save you space (and money) and are also great taking traveling with you.

    Wireless Shower Radios: Wireless-enabled shower radios use various technologies such as bluetooth, wireless input, antennas, and FM transmitters to allow users to listen to music from MP3 players, iPods, CDs, tablets and smartphones. With access to your personal music library and online streaming services, this shower radio type offers the most music variability.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    1. Sound: Sound is the most import feature of a shower radio and is the difference between buyers’ satisfaction or buyers’ remorse. Radios with adequate sound and varying volume controls are valued by their owners. To ensure you have the sound you want, choose a top rated shower radio brand with good reviews.
    2. Build: Build is the second biggest talking point among reviewers and shower radios that are small and light without compromising on good sound are the top performers. Features that owners are willing to sacrifice on size for though include impressive sound and bluetooth or other wireless capabilities. If these features don’t appeal to you, you may be more satisfied with a compact shower radio with good sound reviews.
    3. Controls: Bigger buttons and dials that are easy to use are essential in the shower when hands are wet and slippery. Shower radios that offer easy to use controls are reviewed better by their owners than ones that are not.
    • Shower radios that feature LED displays are the easiest to see and make changing stations easier.
    • Look for a shower radio with an alert buzzer for added shower safety. This function enable the user to press a button should they need assistance and is a great safety feature for elderly family members who may need assistance.
    • Shower radios that include mirrors offer the convenience of two shower accessories in one compact unit. Saving valuable space for people who want to listen to music and shave in the shower at the same time.
    • Worried about a power outage? Shower radios with built in flashlights will ensure you get to safely finish your shower in the event the power goes out.
    • Some other shower radio features to consider include a battery level indicator to let you know when you need to replace or recharge, a built-in CD player and/or clock, and a floatable-build so that it can be easily retrieved from the bath should it accidentally fall in.

    Pyle:Pyle is a company specialising in audio equipment. Founded in 1960, they have become known for their professional audio appliances, including shower radios.

    Conair: Since forming in 1959, Conair has become a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of quality health and beauty products as well as electronic appliances such as shower radios.

    Sangean: Sangean specializes in manufacturing quality radios. Established in 1974, Sangean is known for their quality digital clocks, docking stations, and radios.

    Sony: An electronic superpower, Sony is a household name when it comes to music players, and it is no different with their top rated shower radios.