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The 10 Best Tablet Car Mounts  Apr 2018

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Your Guide To Buying a Tablet Car Mount

By Yehudah Posnick

    Whether you need Internet connectivity, or just for entertainment purposes, a tablet is a great convenience. So great a convenience, that it's worth having the tablet visible even while driving. For that purpose, a nice accessory is a tablet car mount. There are several models, that attach to different places in your car. You can decide which mount is best for you: there are mounts that are specially for the passengers in the back, who maybe want to watch a video. Or you can attach the tablet in the front, to use it as a GPS. Here is a guide to some of the best tablet car mounts on the market.

    We can distinguish between the types of mounts according to where you attach them in the car:

    • Dashboard/Windshield Suction Mount: This attaches to the dashboard and/or windshield by means of suction cups. The mount unfortunately is visible to passersby—which might attract thieves. Sometimes, even if you remove the tablet, the suction cups can leave marks on the windshield.

    • CD Slot Mount: This bracket fits onto the mouth of the CD player in your car. It will still allow you to use the CD player, if you already have a disc in the player. But you'll have to take the mount off to get out the CD or change CDs. The advantage here is that the tablet is hidden from sight of potential thieves. It also allows you to attach the tablet in a way that doesn't obstruct your windshield. InfiniApps makes a magnetic car mount that fits onto the CD holder.

    • Floor Mount: This is a stand that attaches to a base on the floor of the car.

    • Cup Holder Mount: The cup holder is located in between the driver and passenger seat. This version lets you put the round base of the stand in the cup holder, while the arm extends upwards.

    • Car Seat Mount: This mount attaches to the head rest of the driver or front passenger. Bestrix makes a mount that attaches to the front headrest. Some attach to both head rests, so that you can slide the tablet along a bar.

      We can also distinguish between the method by means the tablet is held in place:

    • Magnetic Mount: Here, the mount consists of a magnet or magnets that hold the tablet in place. The InfiniApps mount comes with a magnetic plate that you insert into the tablet holder. This will allow you to attach and detach the tablet easily, without having to dislodge it from any clips. Note: The magnets in the mount will not affect the electronics in the tablet. The magnetic plate should shield your tablet.

    • Brackets: This secures the tablet inside jaws that you screw to adjust to the size of your tablet. The brackets can be adjusted to accommodate a smart phone as well.


    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    • Length of the arm: In the floor mount and coffee stand models, you should make sure that the mount's arm is long enough to let the people in the back also get a view of the tablet.

    • Provides extra sockets and USB ports: The iKross Universal Car Mount hooks up to the cigarette lighter in your car. The mount itself has three more sockets and 2 USB ports, for charging other mobile devices (or maybe even the tablet itself).

    • CD mount doesn't always fit: Some noticed that the Satchei Universal CD mount doesn't always fit over the CD player slot properly—some needed electrical tape, or had to invert the mount, in order to get it to fit properly.

    • Rotates: Most mounts allow you to rotate the tablet while it is attached. The Bestrix Universal Headrest can rotate 360 degrees, so that you can look at the tablet either as a landscape (horizontally) or portrait (vertically).

    • Works with more than just a tablet: These holders are typically able to support iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series phones, Androids and Blackberry phones. The bracket-type mounts are usually adjustable to fit anything from a 7-inch to 11-inch tablet. Some bracket mounts are not so wide—only accommodating 5.5- 8.0 inches.

    • Secure grip: The bracket-type mount is usually made with rubber grips. This ensures that the tablet is held securely, but also will not get damaged.


    iKross—based in Baldwin Park, California, are makers of consumer electronics and technology products. They make Bluetooth headsets, FM transmitters, car mount holders for tablets and smartphones, keyboards and styluses.

    Satechi—was founded in 2005 and has its headquarters in San Diego, California. They make audio, Bluetooth, smart phone, tablet, camera, card readers, and office accessories.

    InfiniApps Car Mount—are makers of a number of car mounts for Smartphones, iPhones, and tablets. They make magnetic mounts, as well as CD slot mounts.

    Bestrix—are makers of cellular accessories for smartphones. They make wireless chargers, car and bike mount holders for smartphones and tablets, and wireless doorbells.