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The 10 Best Tv Mounts  Jan 2018

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Your Guide To Buying a Tv Mount

By Nicole Blanckenberg

    Mounting televisions, as apposed to standing them on larger TV stands are gaining popularity as people value the space that mounting saves them as well as the enjoyment of watching your favorite movie at the correct angles. If you are looking to display your TV on the wall, then a TV mount is exactly what you need. Choosing the right mount for your TV is imperative to ensure you can display it safely. With so many options out there, choosing the best TV mount can seem daunting.  For that reason we have put together this TV Mount buying guide,  to help you easily and quickly decide.

    There are three main types of TV mounts: Low profile, tilt and swivel, and each of them provide different angles and suit different mounting needs. Here is a short breakdown of each type of TV mount for you to compare:


    Low Profile TV Mounts: Ideal for smaller spaces, low profile mounts are designed to keep space between the wall and the TV at no more than 1 inch. Because these mounts allow you to mount the TV as flush with the wall as possible, they create a sleek look. Easy to use these mounts, often referred to as flat or flush mounts, are a popular choice for smaller homes.


    Tilt TV Mounts: Tilt TV mounts are the perfect bedroom TV mount solution. Tilt TV mounts allow watchers to tilt the television downward which is particularly helpful when placing the TV higher than eye-level. The tilt of the mount will also make accessing ports/wires a lot easier.


    Swivel TV Mounts: Offering a lot of movability, swivel TV mounts allow users to not only tilt the television, but rotate it from side to side, therefore ensuring it is mounted for maximum viewing pleasure. Because of their flexibility, these mounts are an ideal TV mount for bigger homes where family members may be watching from a wider range of angles/rooms.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:


    Build: The most talked about feature of a TV mount is the strength of its design. Owners of mounts that offer sturdy designs rate their units much higher. Heavier solid designs are seen to be a lot more stable and leave people with little concern over the safety of their TV.


    Quality: Not only does the TV mount itself need to be good quality for it to get good online reviews, but the materials such as the screws, bolts and spacers that are included need to be good quality too. Choosing a best rated brand with good quality reviews will ensure you the same satisfaction.


    Fit: If the TV doesn’t fit perfectly into the TV mount, the TV mount will not rate well. For the safety of your TV, and your family, it is essential to buy a TV mount that fits your television set perfectly. Buying a good name brand product that lives up to the product specs it displays, will provide much more peace of mind.


    Installation: The better the instructions, the better the reviews a TV mount will get. People who found their mount installation straightforward with clear easy-to-follow instructions are more satisfied with their purchases than those who don’t.

    The first thing to do when choosing a TV mount is to take note of your television's specs and ensure that the mount will be compatible with the dimension, weight and parameters of your set.

    Look for a TV mount that is VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) certified to ensure its safety.  

    Choosing a quality brand with good reviews will go a long way to be certain that you get a durable mount that includes good quality hardware.

    To incorporate your sound system, opt for an integrated speaker mount. This means you will be able to mount your speakers with your TV creating a much sleeker look.  

    TV mount features worth investing in include: level adjustments which make it possible for you to level the TV once it has been installed on the mount,  a locking mechanism to prevent the TV from being removed and a precision height adjustment that enable you to move  the television up and down as needed.

    Some accessories worth buying with your TV mount include external cable management system to keep your wires neat and external speaker mounts for those additional speakers in your sound system.

    VideoSecu: VideoSecu is a specialised mount manufacturer that aim to produce quality products for affordable prices.

    Mount-It!: Another well known TV mount company, Mount-It is known for their quality mounting products.

    Designer HabitatDesigner Habitat is a home appliance manufacturer that have a reputation for their quality innovative products.

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