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Comparaboo analyzes thousands of articles and customer reviews to find the top-rated products at today’s lowest prices. We provide the facts, so you can avoid the junk.
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Value ratings

Value Ratings

We recommend the most valuable product in just the right price.

Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Nothing can replace real customers reviews. We analyze and integrate the reviews in our process.


Best Products

Our unique process picks the best products on each category.


Prices Comparison

We gather the most up-to-date products prices from the top retailers.


Expert Articles

For our top products, we provide you with detailed buying guides.

How we score?

When you search for a product on Comparaboo, you'll see a list of the top-rated brands of that product category. To rate the brands in each category, Comparaboo gathers information from customer reviews, blog articles written by experts about that product, and sales data from retailers and manufacturers. Comparaboo also identifies which brands are the most popular, based on how many of that brand are sold per day, and uses the information to regularly update the listings (sometimes as frequently as once every 30 minutes!). All of this is translated into a value rating, presented as the product's “score”, which is used to make the ordered list of the top products. Comparaboo also highlights the product which is the best value, as well as which is the top seller, and periodically awards a “badge” to the top-selling brand for that month.


Once you already have decided that you want to purchase a certain product online, you will be inundated with all the brands and varieties available. Comparaboo is a website that has been designed to help you with the decision-making. It generates a list of the top brands and best products, using customer reviews and sales data. Clicking on a product in the Comparaboo list will display the price of that item, and provide a link to an online retailer such as Amazon or eBay, from which you can complete the purchase. If you are pleased with the product, you can also award it an “Up-vote” on the Comparaboo page.