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The 10 Best Adult Tricycles  Apr 2020

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Best Adult Tricycles - KUNS Adult Tricycle Trikes 7 Speed 3-Wheel Bikes,24 Review Knus
9 . 8
Best Adult Tricycles - SURPCOS Adult Tricycle Cruise Bike Full Size 3 Review SURPCOS
9 . 5
Best Adult Tricycles - Happybuy Adult Tricycle 1 Speed 7 Speed Size Review Happibuy
9 . 1
Best Adult Tricycles - EOSAGA Adult Tricycles 7 Speed 24/26 Inch Trike Review EOSAGA
9 . 0
Best Adult Tricycles - Mantis 67520 Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle, 20 inch Review Mantis
8 . 7
Best Adult Tricycles - Ridgayard 7 Speed White 24 Inch 3 Wheel Review Ridgeyard
8 . 2
Best Adult Tricycles - Royal London V2 Adult Tricycle 3 Wheeled Trike Review Royal London
8 . 1
Best Adult Tricycles - VANELL 20“ Foldable Tricycle Bike3 Wheeled Bicycle Review VANELL
7 . 8
Best Adult Tricycles - Yonntech 26inch 7 Speed Adult Tricycle Aluminum Frame Review Yonntech
7 . 4
Best Adult Tricycles - Yonntech 26inch Adult Tricycle 7 Speed Aluminum Frame Review Yonntech
7 . 3

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Your Guide To Buying an Adult Tricycle

By #<Author:0x00007ff39acc10b0>

    Even though we associate a tricycle as being a bicycle for little kids, it wasn't always so. In fact, when the adult tricycle was introduced into England in the 1800s, it was used primarily by the wealthy. Riding around casually would give them an air of importance and status. But nowadays, adult tricycles, or “trikes”, can even be serious speedsters. Others allow you to tow around a good deal of groceries in a way that tones your muscles as the same time. But the details can vary widely: there can be special tires for different types of terrain, and you can choose between single- and multiple-gear models. Here is a guide to some of the best adult tricycles on the market.  

    • Single vs. Multiple Speeds—Single speed trikes have no gear train, so the speed at which you pedal will be the speed at which the tricycle will travel. This will be adequate when going on smooth terrain. A single speed trike is cheaper than the multiple-speed trike, which uses mechanical advantage of different size gears to make it easier to go uphill. The Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike has only one speed, whereas the Komodo 24” tricycle is a 6-speed trike.

    • Suspension: Some trikes are supplied with a suspension fork and springs, which makes for a smoother ride if the terrain is particularly bumpy.

    • Wheel size: Tricycles can also be distinguished by their wheel size. The wheels of adult tricycles are particularly large: There are tricycles with 24 inch and 26 inch diameter wheels. Some tricycles have wheels that are all the same diameter, while others have a large front wheel and smaller rear wheels.

    • Seating: There are two types of seating arrangements on tricycles: One is low seating with back support (some models, like the Mobo Shift, can be reclined at a range of angles between 20-60 degrees). Otherwise, the trike will feature raised seating, much like in a typical bicycle. 

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    • Suitable for young and old alike: Since the tricycle offers greater stability than a bicycle, it is suitable even for the elderly.

    • Look for durable tires: Some people noticed the poor quality of the factory tires which came with the tricycle when purchased. Some models even needed to have the wheels changed after only three weeks of use. So make sure you invest in solid wheels, that are suited for all types of terrain (unless you will ride the trike only on paved sidewalks and roads).

    • Low seating more for casual riders: In the low-seating models, such as the Mobo Triton Pro Three-Wheeled Cruiser, most of the person's weight is resting on the rear wheels. This is relaxing, but don't expect to get much speed when traveling this way.

    • Steering mechanism: Some tricycles are difficult to maneuver: They require a wide turning radius. Also, the width of the bike will also require taking a lot of space when making a turn. If that is the case with your trike, consider taking it only on bike lanes, instead of on city streets.

    • Weight allowance: Make sure that your tricycle can accommodate your weight. You'll find tricycles that can carry more than 300 pounds.

    • Basket: Many models of tricycle have a basket with a rather large capacity. Some are estimated to allow you to transport up to 4 full grocery bags.

    • Weight of the frame: A lighter frame will mean less effort expended in pedaling. An aluminum frame is both durable and lightweight.

    • Assembly: Some models require a bit of assembly. The Schwinn Meridian requires you to attach the steering wheel, front tire, rear tires, fenders, and pedals. The assembly on the Komodo 24" 6-speed tricycle was considered difficult—the directions were hard to decipher, and some customers had to give up and call a professional.

    Schwinnwas founded by the German-born Hermann Schwinn in 1895, in Chicago, Illinois. The company is a well-known manufacturer of bicycles, making cruisers, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, urban and bike path bikes, and bikes for children. They are presently merged with Pacific Cycle, Inc.

    MoboCruiser—is a division of Asa Products, which has been designing and marketing tricycles for toddlers, kids and adults since 1998. They also make a number of sizes for each weight capacity, that are also adjustable to match the person's size.

    Komodo Cycling—is a brand of Big Roc Tools, Inc., which is located in Baldwin Park, California. Big Roc Tools was started in 1983, and now has extensive lines of tools and hardware. Komodo Cycling are makers of skateboards and adult tricycles.

    Worksman Cycles-- are makers of industrial bicycles and tricycles, vending carts and trucks, delivery bicycles, cargo bikes and more. The company was founded in 1898 by Morris Worksman in Queens, New York, who used a tricycle for deliveries, instead of the horse and wagon, which was prevalent at the time.

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