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The 10 Best Biometric safes  Dec 2022

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Best Biometric Safes - Biometric Gun Safe Box Mounted Handgun Safes Review VERPROOF
9 . 7
Best Biometric Safes - Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols, Quick Access Handgun Review BBRKIN
9 . 6
Best Biometric Safes - Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe with Programmable Biometric Review Amazon Basics
9 . 2
Best Biometric Safes - XDeer S005 Biometric Gun Safes for Pistols, Quick-Access Review XDeer
9 . 0
Best Biometric Safes - AINIRO Gun Safe for Pistols - Biometric Gun Review AINIRO
8 . 6
Best Biometric Safes - Stalwart 65-FIN-25 Electronic Safe, Small Biometric, Black Review Stalwart
8 . 4
Best Biometric Safes - BILLCONCH Smart Gun Safe for 4 Pistol Holders Review BILLCONCH
8 . 0
Best Biometric Safes - Tenamic Safe Box Luxury Biometric Fingerprint Cabinet Safe Review Tenamic
7 . 8
Best Biometric Safes - SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe for Handguns, Fingerprint Gun Review SentrySafe
7 . 6
Best Biometric Safes - Tenamic Biometric Fingerprint Safe Box 0.85 Cubic Feet Review Tenamic
7 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying a Biometric Safe

By #<Author:0x00007fd9db56fb00>

    From facial recognition to top of the line eye retinal scanning, biometric safes are right out of blockbuster espionage movies. But biometric safes are not as far fetched as you think, and fingerprint security safes are growing in popularity as they become more and more available to average consumers. Choosing a good quality safe is vitally important to ensure the contents are indeed safe from wandering hands. To help you choose the right safe we have put together this biometric safe buying guide with everything you need to know to make a good product investment.

    Most biometric safes use fingerprint scanning as their locking systems and differ in their size and build. From mini gun safes to multi-draw box safes, there are a variety of biometric safes to choose from. Here are the main types of biometric safes for you to compare:

    Mini Biometric Safes: These safes, normally built for one handgun, allow the firearm to be safely locked away yet leaves the handle open for the owner to easily disengage it from the safe when needed. They are normally used for home security reasons, ensuring it can be accessed quickly when needed, yet secure enough to keep the items out of the hands of the wrong people.

    Box/Single Draw Biometric Safe: Available in a variety of sizes, these safes can be small enough for one firearm or as big as a briefcase with enough space to store a few items as well as important documents such as passports.

    Multi-draw Biometric Safes: These boxed biometric safes have two draw or more compartments for easy storage of a multitude of things. Offering more storage space in a compact design means multi-draw safes can be easily hidden from sight, like in the back of a closet, with ease. They are best suited for one or more handguns or a variety of items that need safe storing.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    1. Clear Instructions: Reviewers rate biometric safes much higher when they come with clear, easy to follow instructions. Programming a safe with fingerprints can be tricky if not explained well and top brands that make it easy are top performers.
    2. Keys: Biometric safes that come included with electronic keypads and/or a backup key receive good reviews from their owners. The extra key offers more peace of mind that the safe will open when it is needed, without malfunction.
    3. Construction: Safes that offer sturdy, hard-to-break-into construction are rated well, while ones that are not durable do not rate well. The whole purpose of a safe is to secure its contents, so commenters feel if the safe does not fulfil this need, it is not doing its job.
    4. Operational Noise: Most safes will beep when they are opened but biometric safes that do this quieter than others are much more valued by reviewers. This is because they feel that sounds that are too loud will prove unsafe in an emergency situation and/or will alert the wrong people to the existence of the safe.
    • Construction is a very important factor to consider since quality materials and builds will ensure your safe will not be fragile to blasts and will be protected against break-ins, fires, and water damage that may occur.
    • A good quality safe should be able to withstand temperatures of 1200 degrees fahrenheit for longer than 30 minutes in the event of a fire. Check your prospective safe specs to ensure it can withstand at least that.
    • The thickness of a biometric safe is measured in gauges. The lower the number, the thicker the safe, with most ranging from 12 to 7. Twelve gauge equals about 0.081 inches and is considered unsafe. Only consider safes that offer lower than 11 gauge thickness for a good balance between safety and price. But if you have the budget, an 8 gauge safe offers the optimum thickness.
    • Locking bolts are responsible for ensuring your safe door’s securely and tightly closing. Your door should have at least 4 of these bolts that are hidden from view in order to be secure.
    • The larger the capacity, the bigger it will be, but different designs can offer the same storage space in a smaller or larger footprint
    • Where will you be installing the safe? Not only do you need to consider the size to make sure it will fit, but also the mounting options to make sure you are able to mount the safe where you need it.
    • Read the warranty of your perspective safe carefully to ensure you are covered against structural damage. A lot of brands will not include this, and finding ones that do will ensure more peace of mind.
    • Safes are an investment, and a bad quality safe will be easier to break and crack, so it is recommended that you choose a quality name brand that can save you in replacement costs in the long run.
    • The false acceptance rate refers to the likelihood of unauthorised access being granted be by the safe. This number varies from 0.001 to 0.1, with the best quality safes offering false acceptance rates of 0.0001.
    • Biometric safes that allow you to program multiple figureprints will enable you to add other adults in the family so they can open the safe in an emergency. It will also enable you to save your fingerprints at various angles to ensure that in an emergency you can easily open your safe.
    • Choose a biometric safe with a backup key allowing the safe to be opened in an emergency situation if the fingerprint scan fails or if an additional family member needs to open it.
    • Safety tip: Wipe down the glass scanner unit after inputting your finger to read your print to access your safe. This will prevent tech savvy criminals from accessing your print.

    Barska: Specialising in sports optics, Barska offers an extensive line of quality sports optic products ranging from binoculars to rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and telescopes, as well as quality biometric safes at affordable prices.

    Sentry Industries Inc.: Sentry Industries was founded in 1963 and is known for manufacturing top quality mass market products including small electronics and biometric safes.

    GunVault: On the forefront of grun safe technology and home security solutions, GunVault have been producing quality safe for 25 years and offer top rated biometric safes.

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