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The 10 Best Bladeless Fans  Apr 2020

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Best Bladeless Fans - MagicFlow Bladeless Cooling Fan Space Heater Combo Review MagicFlow
9 . 8
Best Bladeless Fans - Ocean Loong AB01 Bladeless Cool Tower Fan 16 Review Ocean Loong
9 . 6
Best Bladeless Fans - Air Cooler, Hot & Cool Air Multiplier Leafless Review MeetSun
9 . 1
Best Bladeless Fans - U ULTTY Tower Fan, Bladeless Cooling Fan Review U ULTTY
8 . 8
Best Bladeless Fans - AB09 Bladeless Heater Fan, Hot & Cool Tower Review Ocean Loong
8 . 7
Best Bladeless Fans - LivePure LP1500FAN Oscillating Bladeless Vortex Whole Room Fan Review LivePure
8 . 3
Best Bladeless Fans - ULTTY Tower Fan Bladeless Oscillating Fan with Remote Review ULTTY
7 . 9
Best Bladeless Fans - Geek Aire Fan, Oscillating Tower Bladeless Fan Works Review Geek Aire
7 . 7
Best Bladeless Fans - pureFlow Qt7 Bladeless 90 Degree Safe Oscillating Fan Review Pureflow
7 . 5
Best Bladeless Fans - Lasko Air Logic Cool Bladeless Fan with Fresh Review Air logic
7 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying a Bladeless Fan


    Fans are used in homes for a myriad of reasons, including promoting airflow, creating “the wind chill effect”, and to save on air conditioning costs. However, the difficult to clean, noisy, and often-dangerous blades may turn some people off from the idea of using a fan. If you are one of these people but feel that your lifestyle would be enhanced by the benefits of having a fan in your home – then bladeless fans are exactly what you need.

    Tabletop: Tabletop fans are smaller and lighter, giving off a lower output of air. Many of them use USB connectors so that they can easily plug into a computer to receive power. As such, these devices are intended for close range, personal use.

    Floor/Tower:  Floor or tower bladeless fans are larger and heavier than tabletop fans. They are designed to sit on the floor and produce relatively powerful airflow. If you are looking for a fan to cool down an entire room, a bladeless fan that sits on the floor will be great for you.

    Quiet: Nearly every review on the most highly-rated bladeless fans raved about how quiet their new fan was. Happy reviewers were thankful for the lack of distracting white noise while sleeping, talking on the phone, and watching TV.

    Safety: The second most important quality that reviewers noted was the safety of their bladeless fan. Users were thrilled that they no longer had to worry about small children, pets, fabric, or anything else getting hurt or damaged by spinning blades.

    Easy to Clean: Reviewers were ecstatic about the ease of cleaning their equipment. The simple shape of bladeless fans collects very little dust and is a snap to wipe down.

    Aesthetically Pleasing: Users loved the look of their bladeless fans. Simple, streamlined, and high-tech designs were praised as conversation starters with guests and true enhancements to the overall look of any given room.

    • Price: Bladeless fans come in a range of price tags. The most powerful ones can be a hit to the wallet, retailing at around $300-$400. Although they are pricey, they are very effective at cooling down a room and may last almost lifetime. If you aren’t ready to shell out quite so much, or if you are simply looking for a close-range personal fan, tabletop bladeless fans can be found for under $20.
    • Size: The size you want in a bladeless fan depends on the area you wish it to cover. If you intend to place the fan on your desk or bedside table, a small fan is appropriate. If you plan to circulate air through a whole room, a large fan is your best bet.
    • Noise: One of the qualities bladeless fans users will appreciate most about bladeless fans is their relatively silent airflow. However, not all bladeless fans are as silent as the next. Whether or not you prefer white noise, be sure to look at what reviewers have said about the sound of their bladeless fan.
    • Energy use: If you are like most bladeless fan users, one of the reasons you are purchasing a bladeless fan is to cut down on energy consumption and costs. Check the relevant energy statistics on the fans you are considering buying to determine which one is the best fit.
    • Aesthetics: Many bladeless fan enthusiasts are sold on the aesthetic superiority of bladeless fans than old-fashioned paddle fans. In addition, their open shape allows light through and prevents dust from collecting. Before purchasing your new fan, visualize the places where it will sit in your home in order to choose the best shape or color for your needs.
    • Features:
      • Heater: Some bladeless fans have dual functionality as both a fan and a space heater. This is a wonderful feature, especially in temperate areas where the weather can fluctuate quite drastically. In addition, bladeless fans with heaters do not        get hot to the touch, adding yet another layer of safety to your equipment.
      • Settings: Most bladeless fans are equipped with multiple settings that control oscillation, airflow strength, and various other handy functions.
      • Timer: A timer and auto-shutoff function is often very useful, especially if you are planning to leave the house and want to save energy but are prone to forgetting, or just don’t want the hassle of turning off all of your devices before leaving.
      • Remote: If you plan to have your device cooling down the whole room, a remote is a convenient accessory to have.
      • Light: Some bladeless fans come with a light that can be turned on and off at the base. If you plan to keep this on at night, a light can be handy so that you do not stumble over the fan in the dark.

    Dyson: James Dyson founded Dyson after applying engineering concepts he used to build an industrial cyclone tower to build the first-ever bagless vacuum cleaner. The success that stemmed from his home experiment is seen today in Dyson’s presence in 65 countries around the world where countless high-quality products are being created and sold every day. Dyson created and manufactured the original bladeless fan.

    Viatek: Viatek is a world leader in developing and marketing quality products around the world. They partner with successful companies like Costco, Target, and Home Depot, where their innovations are sold daily.

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