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The 10 Best Can Openers  Jun 2021

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Best Can Openers - KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener Review KitchenAid
9 . 6
Best Can Openers - Amazon Basics Can Opener, Black Soft Grip Handle Review Amazon Basics
9 . 5
Best Can Openers - Electric Can Opener, Can Opener, No Sharp Edge Review
9 . 1
Best Can Openers - Electric Can Opener, Restaurant Can Opener, Smooth Edge Review Asingleer
8 . 8
Best Can Openers - Electric Can Opener, Kitchen Can Opener with Smooth Review Pignr
8 . 7
Best Can Openers - Electric Can Opener, Restaurant can Opener, Smooth Edge Review Geohee
8 . 4
Best Can Openers - Electric Can Opener, Safe Smooth No Sharp Edges Review Kitchenmuh
7 . 9
Best Can Openers - Electric Can Opener, Multifunctional Can Opener, Restaurant Can Review V-LXRONG
7 . 7
Best Can Openers - Electric Can Opener, Kitchen Safety Automatic Can Opener Review GWolffy
7 . 6
Best Can Openers - Can Opener Handheld Smooth Edge Manual Can Opener Review PHIAKLE
7 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying a Can Opener


    There is nothing more frustrating than having a can and no way of opening it. Inefficient can openers can cause chaos in the kitchen, and with so many options on the market, choosing the right opener for the right price can be a tedious task. Until now! We have put together this full can opener buying guide with all the advice and tips you need to choose the best can opener for you.

    Can openers can be manual, battery, or electrically-operated, and they vary in size, mounting style, and how they open the can. To help you easily choose the right one for you and your kitchen, here are the most common types of can openers for you to compare:

    Electric Can Openers: Electric can openers take all the work out of opening cans by using a small motor to turn the cutting wheels. These models include a magnet that will hold the can while it is being opened for cleaner, easier cutting. With their quick, automatic can opening, they are a convenient choice for busy kitchens and for people with dexterity or arthritic ailments.

    Under the Counter Can Openers: For those of you with limited counter space or who like your openers out of sight while still enjoying the power and convenience of a countertop model, this opener is for you. Under the counter can openers are large enough to easily tackle any size can but are installed under the countertop to stay out of the way. Often including additional features like bottle openers, these make handy kitchen helpers.

    Cordless electric Can Openers: These electric can openers are cordless and come with a charging station, making them both being easier to use and smaller to store. Models with simple touch technology are able to detect the can’s lip with just one touch and will open without any work from the user.

    Handheld Can Openers: Handheld can openers are normally compact enough to fit into any drawer and can be electric, battery powered, or manual. Ideal for smaller, less busy kitchens and for families who plan on taking their opener on their next camping trip.

    Countertop Can Openers: These are taller can openers designed to be used on a countertop. Still small enough to leave on the counter or put away when not being used, they are more often than not electric.

    Manual Can Openers: Consisting of two cutting wheels that work together with a key or handle to open a can, these can openers are operated by the user and don’t rely on power to drive them, making them an easy-to-use, cost-effective choice.

    Wall-mounted Manual Can Openers: Operating like standard handheld openers, these can openers are permanently mounted to a wall, making them easy to get to and a handy solution for a busy kitchen. More substantial than a handheld but less obtrusive than electric models, these can openers are the perfect balance between simplicity and substance.

    Battery Operated Can Openers: Perfect for travelers, these small hand-held can openers are operated by replaceable batteries that make it possible to take the convenience of electric powered openers wherever you go - even when you are away from power outlets.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    1. Value for Money: Openers that offer good value for money are the highest rated openers. Cost effective openers that are good quality and work well but are also affordable receive the most amount of good reviews. Choosing a good quality brand that is reviewed well will ensure the same satisfaction.
    2. Operation: Can opener owners appreciate openers that are easy to operate. Things like quiet operation, tight locks, and can-size variability are all things that contribute to the higher rating of a can opener.
    3. Build: Not only does the build have to be strong and comfortable to get good reviews, but style is considered an important reviewing point as well. Whether in the drawer or not, owners value can openers that look good and are built to last, while openers that don’t meet these requirements are rated lower.
    4. Edges: Side-cutting can openers are by far the most popular among online reviewers. Consumers feel the smooth edges ensure safety and make for more convenient kitchen use.
    • Safety is something to think about. Can openers that are side-cutting mean they will cut under the rim and leave the can edges smooth, which prevents kitchen injuries from sharp lids.
    • Consider the frequency with which you will use your opener. For busier kitchens, larger electric countertop models make food prep far more convenient. For less frequent use, you may want to opt for a manual, handheld opener that is easy to store.
    • Deciding where you will be storing your opener will also help you decide if style is important. If it goes in a drawer, you may not have to worry about how your opener looks, whereas models like countertop units and wall mounted openers might require more kitchen style coordination.
    • Choose a dishwasher-safe opener or an opener with dishwashable parts for more convenient cleaning.
    • Stainless steel cutting blades are the most durable and long lasting.
    • Manual or electric? Manual can openers are easy to use and very cost effective, while electric can openers take the hassle out of opening cans. Choosing between them should be based on your budget as well as preference.
    • In general, manual openers can handle a larger variety of can shapes and sizes.
    • An electric opener should either include a lid magnet that will hold the can lid once it has been cut, or should be side-cutting.
    • For more versatility, choose a handheld can opener that includes a bottle opener in its design.

    Zyliss: Zyliss was founded in 1948 and has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing quality food preparation tools and gadgets, including their top-rated can openers.

    OXO: OXO was founded in 1990 with the aim to make comfortable and user-friendly, well-designed kitchen gadgets, such as their openers, meant to make life easier.

    West Bend: A leading kitchen appliance manufacturer, West Bend has been operational for over 100 years. From blending to opening cans, their products are designed to make working in the kitchen easy.

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