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The 10 Best Condoms  Dec 2023

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Best Condoms - Trojan Ultra Ribbed Condoms For Ultra Stimulation, 36 Review Trojan
9 . 6
Best Condoms - SKYN Selection Non-Latex Condoms - Contains SKYN Elite Review SKYN
9 . 5
Best Condoms - TROJAN ENZ Lubricated Condoms, Latex Condoms For Contraception Review Trojan
9 . 1
Best Condoms - Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations Spermicidal Lubricated Condoms, 12ct Review Trojan
9 . 0
Best Condoms - TROJAN BareSkin Raw Thin Condoms, Lubricated Condoms Review Trojan
8 . 6
Best Condoms - TROJAN Ultra Thin Condoms For Ultra Sensitivity, Lubricated Review Trojan
8 . 4
Best Condoms - TROJAN Magnum Lubricated Large Condoms, Comfortable and Smooth Review Trojan
8 . 0
Best Condoms - LELO HEX Original Ultra Thin Condoms with Increased Review LELO
7 . 9
Best Condoms - Trojan Bareskin Thin Premium Lubricated Condoms - 24 Review Trojan
7 . 5
Best Condoms - Trojan Magnum Thin Large Size Lubricated Condoms Review Trojan
7 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying a Condom


    Condoms are the only form of birth control that protects users against both pregnancy and STDs. They are highly effective, widely available, and can vary considerably from one brand or style to another. This buying guide will help you determine which condom variety is best for the preferences and needs of both you and your partner.

    Latex: Latex condoms are the most common type and are effective in preventing both pregnancy and STDs.

    Non-Latex: If you or your partner has a latex allergy, non-latex condoms are available. They are typically made of polyurethane, polyisoprene, or nitrile. Non-latex condoms are not as effective as latex condoms, however, so they are not recommended unless a latex allergy necessitates them.

    Lambskin: Lambskin condoms are considered to allow for the most sensation due to its natural materials. However, the porous nature of the material is ineffective in preventing all STDs and is less effective in preventing pregnancy.

    • Durability: For obvious reasons, durability was the number one quality that users looked for. Many reviewers noted how stretchy their condoms were and said that they could fit their fist inside the condom without any risk of tearing. The top-rated condom reviews stated that no matter how long they used a condom, no breakage was experienced.
    • Sensitivity: Many people balk at condom use because it tends to reduce sensitivity as compared to skin-on-skin contact. However, reviewers said that top-rated condoms were as close as it gets to condom-free sensitivity. Both male and female reviewers alike gave positive reviews for condoms that increased sensation and gave a feeling similar to that of skin-on-skin contact, but with the benefit of protection.
    • Comfort: Male reviewers were adamant about condoms that were not tight or constricting. Many stated that even when using a condom of the correct size, they can be uncomfortable and restrictive.  Top-rated condoms were considered comfortable and easy to put on and use, which was an important characteristic to keep the mood going.
    • Hold: Satisfied consumers were impressed by how well their condoms stayed in place. The top-rated condoms did not slip down or shift at all during use. This is important because slippage is an inconvenient interruption that can result in ineffective protection.
    • Texture: Although many condoms are completely smooth, many come with all sorts of ribbing options. Studded, ribbed, partially ribbed, waved, and many more types of textures are available. Some people prefer textured condoms to increase the sensation that is often minimized during condom use. Others find textured condoms to cause irritation or chafing. Condom texture is up to the personal preferences of you and your partner.
    • Thickness: Along similar lines, many condoms are designed to be extra-thin in order to improve sensation. Although this may be a desirable effect, thin condoms are more susceptible to breakage simply because of the nature of their design.
    • Lubrication: Condoms are sold with various amounts of lubrication on both the inside and outside. Some people prefer lighter lubrication while others prefer heavier. Additionally, some condoms come with spermicidal lubricant for added protection, or numbing lubrication for delayed ejaculation. Before purchasing condoms, discuss each others’ preferences with your partner to determine what will increase pleasure and how to avoid discomfort or irritation. It is important to note that if you choose to use your own lubrication with condoms, it MUST be water-based or it will make your condom ineffective in preventing STDs and pregnancy.
    • Novelty: Some condoms are scented, flavored, colored, or even glow-in-the-dark.  These features do not increase effectiveness of condoms but can be a fun addition!
    • Bulk/Variety: It can be far more cost effective to buy condoms in bulk rather than in small packs. Some bulk packs come with a variety of condom types, which allow you to mix it up and to decide which condom type is your favorite. However, if you plan to purchase your condoms in bulk, be sure to look at their expiration date.

    Okamoto: Okamoto has been in the condom business for over 80 years. They specialize in condoms that are soft and thin in order to create the most sensitivity and feeling while maintaining high safety standards.

    Lifestyles: Lifestyles is an Australian company and has been around for over 50 years. They strive to improve the sex lives and reproductive health of people around the world and offer condoms in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, flavors, colors, textures, and materials.

    Trojan: Trojan has been a trusted condom manufacturer for over 90 years. They sell over 30 varieties and test each condom electronically to ensure they are safe and reliable. Trojan believes that sexual health has to do with understanding our sexuality, responsibility and consent, ability to experience pleasure and intimacy, and protecting and respecting both ourselves and others.

    Durex: Durex began producing condoms and spreading education about sexual health for over 80 years. Today, a team of health ministries, hospitals, scientists, academics, and other sexual health bodies work to ensure production of the highest quality and most innovative condoms on the market. Durex tests their condoms at over four times the international standards of required strength to guarantee customers a product that works.

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