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The 10 Best Cool Mist Humidifiers  Apr 2020

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Best Cool Mist Humidifiers - Honeywell HUL535W Cool Mist Humidifier, White Review Honeywell
9 . 8
Best Cool Mist Humidifiers - TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom 6L Ultrasonic Review TaoTronics
9 . 6
Best Cool Mist Humidifiers - BAYKA Cool Mist Humidifier, 4L Top Fill Ultrasonic Review BAYKA
9 . 1
Best Cool Mist Humidifiers - Honeywell HUL520W Mistmate Cool Mist Humidifier, White Review Honeywell
9 . 0
Best Cool Mist Humidifiers - Cool Mist Humidifier - Humidifier for Baby Bedroom Review HiAir
8 . 6
Best Cool Mist Humidifiers - Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review Pure Enrichment
8 . 2
Best Cool Mist Humidifiers - Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Filter-Free, 1 Gallon Review Crane
7 . 9
Best Cool Mist Humidifiers - Homech Cool Mist Humidifier, Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifier Review Homech
7 . 8
Best Cool Mist Humidifiers - AirExpect Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom Review AirExpect
7 . 5
Best Cool Mist Humidifiers - Cool Mist Humidifier- Quiet Humidifiers for Bedroom, Ultrasonic Review Dreamegg
7 . 0

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Your Guide To Buying a Cool Mist Humidifier


    The change of season often ushers in dry, stifling air. Whether it’s the winter chill or summer heat, dryness in their air can exacerbate cold and allergy symptoms, wreaking havoc on your sinuses, throat, lips, and skin; and can cause serious damage to plants and furniture. Cool mist humidifiers are the answer to your dry air problems and there are a wide variety of options available to you.

    Ultrasonic Cool Mist: Water droplets are emitted using vibrations at ultrasonic speeds. The water droplets dissolve in the air, increasing the humidity of the area.

    Ultrasonic Warm Mist: These humidifiers work in the same way as those mentioned above, but have an additional heating function that warms the water up before the mist is formed, allowing for warm mist that is not too hot to the touch. These ultrasonic warm mist humidifiers are especially effective if you, your family members or co-workers suffer from sinus, or for those who are experiencing cold or flu symptoms. Having an ultrasonic warm mist humidifier at bay is akin to taking a nice warm bath throughout the day.

    Evaporative Cool Mist: An evaporator fan takes in air from its surroundings and blows it through a moist wick before sending the air out again. As it evaporates, the humidity in the air increases. 

    • Ease of set-up, use, and cleaning: The top sentiment on highly rated humidifiers is the ease of set-up, use, and cleaning. Happy customers are pleased to find clear instruction manuals and simple steps to getting their shiny new humidifiers up and running. In addition, reviewers were often thrilled to find out how easy and mess-free cleaning out their humidifier was.
    • Quiet: The second thing most customers appreciate about the best humidifiers is the low noise levels they produce. Although there are those who prefer white noise, the vast majority of reviewers were extremely grateful at how audibly unobtrusive their new humidifier was in their home.
    • Long run time:  Humidifiers that were rated most highly also managed to run the longest without having to be refilled. Reviewers were pleased with the performance of humidifiers that could last for hours and hours without going dry or needing attention.
    • Air quality: Finally, reviewers of the top-rated humidifiers loved that their humidifiers did not leave much condensation on their furniture. In addition, the most highly rated humidifiers did not leave white dust mineral residue around the area.
    • Price: Humidifiers come at varying prices. Its price is influenced by various factors including size, type, brand, features, and more. Reading on might help you avoid putting an unnecessary strain on your wallet!
    • Size: The size of your humidifier will affect both its electricity usage in your home and often the volume of output it produces. Keep in mind the space you wish to keep humid when purchasing your new humidifier.
      • Portable/Tabletop: This is the smallest type of humidifiers with the least output. As such, it is the least expensive humidifier on the market and is ideal for small or contained areas, as well as for travel. These portable models typically come as ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers.
      • Room: Room humidifiers are slightly larger than the portable ones and work well to provide clean, humid air for an entire room or multiple rooms depending on square footage. These are available as ultrasonic warm/cool mist humidifiers as well as evaporative cool mist humidifiers.
      • Whole House: Whole house humidifiers requires installation and integration into your home. But once you get it installed, it works like a thermostat or air conditioner that does not require much attention to humidify your entire house to a perfect humidity level.
    • Use: Where and how you plan to use your humidifier can help determine whether or not a humidifier with a “warm” function is right for you. Warm mist humidifiers tend to be quieter than those that emit cool mist, but can pose a risk for households with small children who may burn themselves on the steam, and sometimes may collect more bacteria. As can be expected, cool mist humidifiers tend to cool down the room while warm mist humidifiers do just the opposite. Both functions are ideal for different conditions, which is why so many highly rated models come with dual functionality.​
    • Maintenance and Cleaning: Although both ultrasonic and evaporative humidifiers require minimal maintenance, there are a few points of caution to take note of. Evaporative humidifiers require wick filter replacements as the wick sits in water which gathers bacteria. In counteracting this, anti-bacterial cartridges are widely available for purchase and easy to install. Ultrasonic humidifiers do not require any routine maintenance or part replacement. Due to the lack of filter, these humidifiers sometimes leave a thin white layer of mineral dust on surfaces around the humidifier. Luckily, using distilled water or purchasing demineralization cartridges eliminates this problem with no trouble at all.​
    • Noise: Each type of humidifier gives off a different level of noise. Warm mist humidifiers emit very little noise, save for the occasional sound of the water being heated. Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are the quietest of the humidifiers, emitting almost no noise whatsoever while evaporative cool mist humidifiers are the loudest due to the working fan. If you are one who finds the noise from a humidifier distracting or bothersome, an ultrasonic humidifier is ideal. For others, the white noise that some humidifiers emit might even be desirable for sleep, in which case evaporative humidifiers are your best bet.​
    • Coverage: It is important to keep the space that you intend to use your new humidifier in mind when searching for the perfect fit. Look at the output volume, size, and type before making your purchase. It is important to note that warm mist humidifiers are often less effective in large areas.​
    • Automatic Shutoff: Many of you may prefer not to run your humidifier all day or night in order to save electricity or minimize surface dampness. If this is the case, it can be useful to look for models that have an “automatic shutdown” feature.

    Honeywell: Honeywell is a Fortune 500 company that specializes in solutions to household problems and aims to improve quality of life. It is an international company that works with engineers and scientists to invent and manufacture affordable, high quality products.

    Boneco: Formerly known as Air-O-Swiss, Boneco is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium air treatment solutions and offers a range of appliances that are both designed and developed in Switzerland.

    Crane: Crane was founded on the belief that the home is a personal expression of an individual’s lifestyle. Specializing in cool mist humidifiers, air purifiers, and space heaters, Crane strives to deliver products that not only improve health and wellness, but that are fun, stylish, and bring a smile to the faces of those who see them in their home.

    Sunpentown: Sunpentown began as a small company, specializing in induction cooktops for a limited community. Today, it offers hundreds of products with a wide range of functions to people all over America.

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