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The 10 Best Dehumidifiers  Apr 2020

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Best Dehumidifiers - TOSOT 4,500 Sq. Ft. 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review TOSOT
9 . 8
Best Dehumidifiers - COLZER 70 Pints Dehumidifiers for Home Basements, Bathroom Review COLZER
9 . 6
Best Dehumidifiers - Vacplus 50 Pints Dehumidifier with WiFi Remote Review Vacplus
9 . 2
Best Dehumidifiers - Vremi 4,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier Energy Star Rated Review Vremi
8 . 8
Best Dehumidifiers - Waykar 40 Pint Dehumidifier for Home and Basements Review Waykar
8 . 7
Best Dehumidifiers - Inofia 30 Pints Dehumidifiers for Home Basements Review Inofia
8 . 4
Best Dehumidifiers - Inofia 30 Pint Dehumidifier for Home Basements, Bedroom Review Inofia
8 . 1
Best Dehumidifiers - Honeywell 70 Pint with Built-In Pump Dehumidifier Review Honeywell
7 . 8
Best Dehumidifiers - Inofia 70 Pint Dehumidifiers for Basements Bathroom Garage Review Inofia
7 . 5
Best Dehumidifiers - hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier Review hOmeLabs
7 . 2

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Your Guide To Buying a Dehumidifier


    From creating comfortable living environments to protecting your building and valuables from humidity and water damage, a dehumidifier can serve versatile roles throughout your home or office. However, there are many dehumidifiers to choose from, and picking the right one depends on a number of factors. The size of the space you are putting it in and the specific goal you have for your room or home are top considerations when choosing the dehumidifier that is right for you. That is why we’ve put together this comparative shoppers' guide to help you decide on the best one for your needs.

    The three main types of dehumidifiers used today are: mechanical (or refrigerative), desiccant, and electronic dehumidifiers. Each of these have a specific method of removing water vapor from the air, and each are well suited to specific needs. They come in two sizes, standard and mini. Here's the breakdown to make your choice easier:

    Mini dehumidifiers: These are perfect for smaller spaces, such as a bathroom, RV, or closet. Smaller spaces need smaller units. Minis can be easily picked up and moved, and even set up on shelving, away from kids or pets.

    Standard dehumidifiers: These are suited for larger rooms. They generally have wheels and handles for transportation, and sit on the floor of the room they are in.

    Mechanical / refrigerative dehumidifiers: These dehumidifiers have fans that pull the humid air from your room over a cold (refrigerated) coil. As the air passes over the cold coil, water vapor condenses, (think of the moisture on the outside of a cold can of soda) and drains off into a collection bucket or reservoir. You can literally see your dehumidifier working! The cooled air is then reheated before being blown back into your room. These are the most common types of dehumidifiers and are great value for money.

    Desiccant dehumidifiers: Desiccant dehumidifiers work like a sponge under a faucet of water. As the air is drawn into the unit, a water-absorbing material pulls the moisture from the air. Instead of emptying water from a basin, you let the material dry before turning it on again. Because this type of dehumidifier doesn’t need to cool the air first, this option is great if you need to dehumidify during cold weather or rooms that are already cold, like basements.

    Electronic dehumidifiers: Electronic dehumidifiers use electrical currents to generate a cool surface that air flows over. The moisture condenses on this cooled surface and is drained off. These dehumidifiers tend to be very quiet, so they’re a great choice for your bedroom or home office needs. Sleep and work in comfort!

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    1. Convenience: People are most satisfied with their dehumidifiers when they are easy to use and convenient. Roller wheels, integrated handles, and reservoir size are all advantageous features. A larger reservoir means less emptying, while a smaller reservoir is easier to carry when full. A dehumidifier with wheels and well-placed handles is super convenient for moving around a multi-room space.
    2. Energy efficiency: Less energy consumption means lower bills! Consider an Energy Star® rated dehumidifier, or one that is noted for its low energy consumption, if operating cost is important for you. Who doesn’t love saving money?
    3. Programmable settings: Modern dehumidifiers may have a number of programmable options. The recommended humidity level in most homes is 30-50%, so many dehumidifiers let you choose your desired humidity level, and the unit runs only when humidity gets above that level. Set it and forget it! Others have timers so they can stop or start after a certain period of time.
    4. Quality and durability: Longevity of dehumidifiers is a key concern for consumers. Dehumidifiers are an important investment, and choosing one that will last for years to come is a wise buying decision. Check out the list at the bottom of our guide for top brands known for their quality products!
    • Consider the size of the room or rooms you need to dehumidify, and how wet they are. The larger the space or the wetter the environment, the larger the dehumidifier you will need.
    • How important is quiet operation? Specially designed low-decibel dehumidifiers are perfect for bedrooms or home offices that require concentration and quiet.
    • Filters are your friends! Pulling allergens and other particulates from the air, your dehumidifier’s filter will keep your home fresh. Maintain it regularly and you’ll get all the great benefits of clean, dry air.
    • Your local weather station regularly shows average humidity. Remember that a comfortable room that’s free of allergen-causing mold and mildew has an ideal humidity of 30 to 50%. If average humidity in your area is very high, you’ll be pulling more water from the air, so look for a unit with a large water reservoir. If you’re unsure of the humidity of your space, a home hygrometer will measure the moisture content of your air in order to better target the dehumidifier size you need. (If your humidity is under 30%, consider a humidifier to bring your room back into a comfortable range.)
    • Some dehumidifiers have direct-drain features and/or pumps. Direct-drains send water to a floor-level drain, while pumps can send the water higher, such as into a sink. Both choices free you from having to empty collected water. Look for this feature if your dehumidifier will run constantly and/or in very humid environments like a wet basement. All you need is a place to direct the runoff and the dehumidifier empties itself. It couldn’t be simpler!

    Frigidaire: Founded in 1916, Frigidaire invented the first electric, self-contained refrigerator, and has been innovating ever since. Now owned by Electrolux, Frigidaire has introduced more than 750 new appliances including rop rated dehumidifiers.

    Eva-Dry: Eva-Dry makes just one product - dehumidifiers. Eva-Dry products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and consumer standards, and they are dedicated to affordable pricing and customer service.

    Ivation: Ivation specializes in innovative home goods. Striving for “best to market” not “first to market,” they aim to create intentionally engineered, one of a kind dehumidifiers and other products.

    Gurin Products: Gurin Products is devoted to designing, developing and manufacturing innovative health care products and high ranked dehumidifiers to meet the needs of their customers since 2005.

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