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The 10 Best Dollhouses  Jun 2020

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Best Dollhouses - KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with Furniture Review KidKraft
9 . 7
Best Dollhouses - KidKraft Sweet & Pretty Dollhouse with 15 accessories Review Kidkraft
9 . 6
Best Dollhouses - KidKraft 65956 Charlotte Dollhouse with Ez Kraft Assembly Review KidKraft
9 . 3
Best Dollhouses - TOP BRIGHT Wooden Dollhouse with Elevator Dream Doll Review TOP BRIGHT
8 . 9
Best Dollhouses - Melissa & Doug Wooden Multi-Level Dollhouse Review Melissa & Doug
8 . 5
Best Dollhouses - All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse by Hape | Review Hape
8 . 4
Best Dollhouses - KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture Review KidKraft
8 . 1
Best Dollhouses - KidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse Review KidKraft
7 . 6
Best Dollhouses - Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse Review Fisher-Price
7 . 3
Best Dollhouses - KidKraft Multi Bonita Rosa Dollhouse Review KidKraft
7 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying a Dollhouse


    Dollhouses have been a popular family toy for years! Offering hours of play for all ages, dollhouses make great gifts and collectors items. Choosing the right dollhouse can be a tough decision, though, so we have put together this comprehensive dollhouse buying guide to help you find just the dollhouse you are looking for, quickly and easily.

    Dollhouses range in size and build materials, and choosing between them is dependent on the age of the dollhouse user as well as your budget. The main types of dollhouses include large, small, custom built, wooden, and plastic. Here is an explanation of each type for you to compare:

    Large Dollhouses: Larger dollhouses offer bigger pieces that make set-up easier for smaller children. Coming in smaller scales around 1:12 and offering fewer rooms and bigger moving parts, they make playing easy for younger kids.

    Small Dollhouses: Offering more detail and rooms, these 1:18 scale houses are ideal for larger children and collectors who want elaborate designs and options.

    Custom Dollhouses: Custom dollhouses are built specifically for the owner based on their design requirements and scale preference as well as to the size of dolls and furniture they may already own.

    Wooden Dollhouses: Offering the most realistic look, wooden dollhouses are the perfect choice for older kids and adult collectors.

    Plastic Dollhouses: Durable, plastic dollhouses make an ideal dollhouse for younger kids. Offering great value options, these houses are perfect for home or preschool.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    1. Look: Not only is the look of the entire dollhouse a reviewing point, but so is the detail of other accessories as well. Things like correctly scaled pieces, wall pictures that match the home, and authentic looking furniture are all points that increase the rating of the dollhouse.
    2. Build: Dollhouses that are structurally strong are rated well, and wood is more often than not favored over plastic, especially if being used by older children. Size is also a build factor that influences ratings. To ensure the dollhouse is not too big for the space, check the specs against the space where it will be displayed will ensure satisfaction.
    3. Accessories: Owners review dollhouses that don’t include furniture lower than those that do. This is an especially important reviewing point in cases where separately sold furniture is not offered by the brand name of the dollhouse. Another factor for lower product reviews are the dolls, with owners marking dollhouses lower if they perceive the included dolls to be ugly or of bad quality.
    4. Assembly: Reviewers rate dollhouses that are easy to assemble and set up much higher than those houses that aren’t. Easy, quick assembly means the house can be played with soon after receiving, and also makes moving it around the house much easier.
    • Who is the dollhouse for and how old are they? This should be the first consideration when choosing a dollhouse. The older the child, the more intricate the dollhouse can be. Compare the age appropriateness of the dollhouse with the age of the person who will be decorating it.
    • Dollhouses can either be open-backed or hinged. Open-backed dollhouses are easier for play, while hinged dollhouses open in the middle and enable users to close the dollhouse for a complete-home look.
    • When choosing the size of the dollhouse, think about if you will leave it out between play sessions or if you will need something small enough to easily store away. Also make sure your dollhouse is suited for the type of dolls the player wishes to play inside the house with.
    • Dollhouse sizes are measured to scale anywhere from 1:8 to 1:48, and show how big the dollhouse is in relation to an actual house. This would mean a 1:12 scale dollhouse would be one twelfth of a real home.
    • Dollhouses come in a variety of styles and detail, and choosing one will depend on your budget and the preference.
    • Dollhouses will either come in a kit that is more flexible design-wise and allows for more adaption, or as a fully built home and decorations that can be played with straight out of the box. Dollhouses can be self built or custom built, but this is better suited for dollhouse collectors and hobbyists.
    • Dollhouse purchases sometimes include accessories such as furniture and/or dolls but more often than not you will want to buy additional items. The amount of items that are included, and the quality of these items, will affect the price of your dollhouse. Here are the main accessories to consider:
      • Dolls: Dolls need to fit the dollhouse to ensure comfortable play. More often than not, dollhouses will include these but when buying more, choosing between dolls should be based on the age of the child and whether they are for show or play.
      • Furniture: One of the most important aspects of a dollhouse is the furniture, which is often included or can be bought separately in a style of your choosing. This includes mini sofas, beds, table, chairs, and so on.
      • Appliances: From stoves to vacuums, there is a wide arrange of appliances to fit your dollhouse. When choosing these, consider the age of the dollhouse user as well as the size of the dollhouse to make sure they are to scale.
      • Decor: Some additional decor for dollhouses includes carpets, toys, lamps, books, and even wall hangings.

    • Choose a quality brand dollhouse that separately sells appropriate furniture. This is not only essential for finding furniture that fits should the dollhouse not come with it, but will also offer a way to replace broken or misplaced pieces.
    • Choosing a dollhouse that is easy to assemble and put together will not only make moving it easier but also mean children can help with this.

    Fisher-Price: Making quality toys since the 1930’s, Fisher-Price is synonymous with well manufactured toys and dollhouses.

    KidKraft: Specialising in interactive and educational toys such as dollhouses, kitchens, and train sets, Kidkraft has been making quality wooden toys for over 40 years.

    Melissa & Doug: A family run business that started over 25 years ago, Melissa & Doug are known for their innovative toys and dollhouse collections.

    Hape: Not only does Hape Toys aim to design affordable toys, but they are an eco-friendly brand as well. Hape Toys make quality dollhouses and toys from sustainable materials and are highly rated.

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