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The 10 Best Dvrs  Sep 2020

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Best DVRs - ANNKE 5MP Lite H.265+ Surveillance DVR Recorder, 8CH Review ANNKE
9 . 9
Best DVRs - Abronis 5MP Hybrid 5-in-1 DVR for Security Camera Review Abron
9 . 5
Best DVRs - ZOSI H.265+ 5MP Lite Security DVR 4 Channel Review ZOSI
9 . 1
Best DVRs - CANAVIS 8CH 4-in-1 1080N Lite Security Standalone DVR Review CANAVIS
8 . 8
Best DVRs - 4CH 1080P Lite 5-in-1 HD Analog Hybrid DVR&NVR Review EVERSECU
8 . 7
Best DVRs - Amcrest 1080-Lite 8CH DVR Video Security Digital Recorder Review Amcrest
8 . 3
Best DVRs - KKmoon 8CH 1080P Hybrid NVR AHD TVI CVI Review Kkmoon
8 . 1
Best DVRs - LAVA DVR HD Video Recorder Converter Box- Records Review Lava
7 . 8
Best DVRs - Burglar Protection ClockCam Mini Clock Radio Camera DVR Review E6f15883pdvrspk
7 . 5
Best DVRs - Digital Tuner for Off-Air Antenna Reception with HDMI/Composite/USB Review
7 . 0

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Your Guide To Buying a Dvr

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    When the video cassette recorder (VCR) came out, you weren't limited to watching only one show at a time: you could watch one show, and record another. Or if you were busy, you could record a show now and watch it later when you have time. But the problem with the VCR was the size of the cassettes. You'd need another cabinet to store away all those video cassettes. A digital video recorder, or DVR, allows you to record television shows directly onto computer media: a compact disc, a DVD, a flash memory, or computer hard disk. And, with time, there have been a lot more advantages that have been devised. They can record a lot more than just television shows. With the right tools, you can also convert old VHS video cassettes to digital recordings. Here is a guide to some of the best DVRs on the market.  

    The DVR takes an analog television signal, converts it into digital, and stores it on a hard disk. It is then reconverted to analog and presented on your television screen. But what does all that converting? There are a few options:

    • Computer Recording DVRs—With the proper software, you can use your computer as a video recording device. The software will depend on your computer's operating system, as well as some computer accessories that you will have to purchase. There are even wireless options nowadays to record television.

    • Set-Top Box DVRs: Some cable companies offer a DVR service together with their cable TV box. You are essentially renting the device from the company, and they give you certain recording privileges.

    • Stand-alone DVRs: This is an independent DVR, which can be hooked up to most TVs. There is an initial cost in buying the device, plus a monthly fee that some companies charge, to help you record certain shows.

    • Portable DVRs: These are the most versatile, since they are not connected to any monthly fee or any cable company. They allow you to transfer and store videos, music and pictures. Some people use their DVRs as a surveillance system as well, by hooking up digital cameras.

    • Pausing live TV: If you go to the bathroom in the middle of a TV show, the DVR will allow you to hit a pause button. When you hit the pause button again, it will pick up from where you left off. The DVR has stored the part of the show that you missed in a buffer—and allows you to see it now. The same technology that lets you save stuff you want can be used to allow you to skip through the parts you don't want, like the commercials.

    • Buffer size: There can be a big variation as to how much the DVR can store in its buffer, if you take a break from watching a show: the buffer can store somewhere from 30 to 90 minutes. That's a feature that you might want to investigate when shopping.

    • Search options: Some DVRs will allow you to search through recordings by title, actor name, or keyword search. They also allow you to organize the seasons and episodes into a watchlist.

    • Easy setup: People noticed that the setup of their DVR units took only a few minutes. Using attachments to accept WiFi should also not be too complicated.

    • Dual Tuner DVR: These allow you to record two shows at once, or record one show and watch another. (This is an added feature, to the regular ability of watching one recording while recording another show.)

    • Storage Capacity: A DVD recorder lets you record directly onto a writable DVD. But a DVR DVD allows you to record television to a hard drive. The quality of the recording will influence the amount of space it will take up on the hard disk. At low resolution, 1 hour of TV will take up 1 GB of space. But the picture quality might look grainy. At higher resolution, 1 hour of TV might take 4 GB. So the space on your hard disk might fill up fast, especially if you're recording high-density TV (HDTV).

    • More storage space: There are DVRs that boast of easily allowing you to replace/upgrade/ expand your hard disk, or your DVD recorder for burning and playing disks.

    • Video editing: Some DVRs allow you to edit the videos and home movies.

    • Mobile devices: Once you have your favorite program recorded, there are lots of options of where you can watch it. There are DVRs that allow you to view it over your mobile phone or tablet.

    TiVo Inc.– is a company with its global headquarters in San Jose, California. Jim Barton and Mike Ramsay started the company in 1997 under the name Teleworld, Inc. The TiVo device was their major innovation, digitizing analog video signals from any source. Their products allow you to record programs from various sources: cable, television, or streaming apps.

    Channel Master was founded in 1949, and has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. They make over-the-air broadcast products, such as DVRs, antennas , and signal amplifiers.

    Digital Stream Technology Inc.-- was established in 1995, and are located in Seoul, Korea. They manufacture set-top boxes, digitial television PC tuner cards, and USB boxes.

    MagnaVox-- is a manufacturer of consumer electronics. They were founded in 1917 by Edwin Pridham and Peter Jensen. Their laboratory was located in Napa, California. They are presently a subsidiary of Philips. They manufacture televisions, home cinema systems, DVD players, speakers, headphones and more.

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