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The 10 Best Electric Snow Blowers  Feb 2020

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Best Electric Snow Blowers - Snow Joe iON13SS 13-Inch 40 Volt Cordless Brushless Review Snow Joe
9 . 7
Best Electric Snow Blowers - Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO 21-Inch 40 Volt 5 Ah Review Snow Joe
9 . 4
Best Electric Snow Blowers - TACKLIFE Snow Blower, 15 Amp Electric Snow Thrower Review TACKLIFE
9 . 1
Best Electric Snow Blowers - TACKLIFE Snow Blower, 15Amp Electric Snow Blower, 20 Review TACKLIFE
8 . 8
Best Electric Snow Blowers - Snow Joe SJ623E 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric Single Review Snow Joe
8 . 7
Best Electric Snow Blowers - Snow Joe iON15SB-LT 15-Inch 40-Volt 2.5-Amp Cordless Single Review Snow Joe
8 . 4
Best Electric Snow Blowers - Snow Joe iON18SB 18-Inch 40 Volt Cordless Brushless Review Snow Joe
7 . 9
Best Electric Snow Blowers - Snow Joe SJ625E 21-Inch 15 Amp Electric Single Review Snow Joe
7 . 9
Best Electric Snow Blowers - Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower Review Snow Joe
7 . 4
Best Electric Snow Blowers - "Snow Joe Hand Tools Electric Snow Thrower 22-Inch Review Snow Joe
7 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying an Electric Snow Blower


    Electric snow blowers, sometimes also called snow throwers, are lighter and easier to handle than gas snow blowers, and are ideal for small to medium areas that get up to 8 inches of snow. (Note the difference between an “electric-start snow blower” and an “electric snow blower”--the electric start snow blower is a gasoline-operated snow blower, that has an electric push-button ignition, as opposed to starting the engine by a pull-string.) All electric snow blowers are single-stage snow blowers that direct snow through a chute in a forward motion. They can be divided into corded and cordless categories. There are also hybrid versions, which use a power cord, but have a backup rechargeable battery on board just in case. Finding the best electric snow blower was a difficult chore, though - until now! This comprehensive electric snow blower buying guide will tell you everything you need to know to make a quick and smart electric snow blower decision! It'll help you:

    • Choose the right type of electric snow blower,

    • See useful tips about that type of electric snow blower,    

    • Read reviews of different brands of electric snow blower, and what customers are saying,

    • Select the right brand of electric snow blower, and

    • Compare prices and find the best deals.

    Here are the main differences between the electric snowblower types for you to compare:

    • Corded Electric Snow Blowers: Corded electric snow blowers feature easy push start buttons and can be plugged in for instant use. They have powerful motors capable of throwing 700 pounds of snow per minute. Their design makes them perfect for paved surfaces and smaller spaces, and they require much less maintenance.

      • They have the disadvantages that 1) if there is a power outage--like if a storm knocked out a power line--you won’t have a snow blower either. 2) You are limited by the length of the cord--even though you can always attach and extension cord. 3) There is a danger of driving the snow blower over the cord, which could fray the cord and even risk electrocution.

    • Cordless Electric Snow Blowers: Cordless models are not only easy to maneuver, but their cordless feature makes movement while snow blowing easier. Offering all the best benefits of a one-stage snow blower as well as soft rubber augers, they are safe to use on various surfaces, such as decks, porches, and walkways. If you were hit with snow that is more than 4" deep, you'll have to make several passes.

      • The disadvantages of cordless blowers are that 1) they don’t have powered wheels, so you will have to push it along yourself (some might say that that makes it about as easy as using a shovel!). That will be noticeable if you try to take the snow blower uphill. 2) They may pick up gravel and shoot that out as well--so it’s best to use them on a paved or wooden surface.

    • Hybrid snow blowers: There are also snow blowers that are “hybrid” units. They can run on a power cord, but they are also supplied with a rechargeable battery. For example, a snow blower that has consistently been voted the best electric snow blower is the Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB 40V 4.0 Ah Hybrid Cordless Snow Blower. It allows you to choose from a 40 V, 4.0 Amp-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery, or from a power cord. That’s a significant advantage, alongside its lightweight design of only 32 pounds.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    • Warranty: Warranties and snowblower quality are big considerations for electric snow blower owners who note that longer warranties were a deciding factor between top brands. Snow blowers usually offer warranties of up to 4 years, and the longer the warranty the more peace of mind you will have in your snow blower investment.

    • Clearing Width: Reviewers rate electric snow blowers with wider clearing widths much higher than other snow blowers. Clearing widths vary and the wider the width, the least likely you are to have to go over the same area many times. The Snow Joe Ultra SJ624E Snow Thrower can clear a path that is 21” wide at a time.

    • Clearing: Owners who bought electric snow blowers well-suited for the areas that need clearing and the amount of average snowfall are much more satisfied with their purchases than those who didn’t. Choose your snow blower based on the area you will be using it in and how much snow falls, and you won't be disappointed. You’ll want a snow blower that can dig up as big a depth as possible--    the Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E Snow Thrower can dig through 10 inches of snow on each pass. You may see some snow blowers rated by the area that they can cover per minute. For example, the All Power America AP-SB1810E Electric Snow Blower can plow an area of 7750 square feet per hour.

    • Throw distance: This is the distance that the motor will propel the snow out of the chute. Electric snow blowers don’t propel the snow as far as gas-powered models, but they can still send the snow far. The Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E Snow Thrower can shoot out the snow as far as 25 feet away, while the Maztang MT-988 Electric Snow Blower can send snow up to 30 feet away!

    • Types of snow: People say that even the strongest electric snow blowers work best with light, fluffy snow. If the temperatures are a bit higher (28 degrees Fahrenheit or higher), the snow tends to melt and clump together, and the chute gets clogged more often.

    • Significantly stronger when running off wall current: Customers noticed that the hybrid-version snow blowers get bogged down more when running only on the battery than when running off wall current--particularly if the snow is wet and clumpy. (If the snow is dry and fluffy, the performance is about the same.) In such conditions, the problem is worsened, since the slow going with the snow blower will drain the battery even more. (Some say that it will drain the battery one-third the time--only 20 minutes!) That's when it's best to plug the unit in and run it from wall current.

    • Cost: The cost of an electric snow blower--whether battery-powered, corded, or hybrid--is typically between $150-$300. This is half the price of a comparable, single-stage gasoline-powered model, which will run from $300-$800.

    • Size of area to clear: Before choosing your electric snow blower, consider the area you will need to be cleared. The clearing widths of snow blowers range between 12 - 45 inches and will determine how many times you need to go over the same area to get the job done. The wider the clearing width, the wider the driveway you can conveniently clear.

    • Durability: To make sure your electric snow blower is durable and built well, choose a reputable brand offering a good warranty.

    • “Dead man control”: For safety, your new electric snow blower should include a dead man control. This feature stops the snow blower’s auger from working when you release your hands from the handlebars.

    • Headlights: Headlights are a convenient feature of a snow blower, with halogen lights being the best quality option. To be able to use your blower during a storm or in the dark, this feature is imperative. The Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 has a 20 W LED headlight, which provides adequate light for use at night.

    • Rechargeable battery: The Snow Joe iON21SB-Pro has a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 65 minutes of continuous work.

    • Noise factor: Consumers notice that an electric snow blower is significantly quieter than a gas-powered version. That’s good if you want to clear the snow in the middle of the night without disturbing the neighbors.

    • Start button: A good quality electric snow blower should include an electric start button for simple starting.

    • Tire size matters!: Larger tires will give you more traction and therefore allow you to steer more easily. Also, it’s important to make sure that the tires are inflated to the correct pressure so that they will have optimal traction. (The pressure rating for the tire will be imprinted on the side of the tire.)

    • Adjustable handlebars will make sure your electric snow blower can be adjusted to your height. It also makes it possible for more than one family member to use it comfortably.

    • Adjustable speeds on your new snow blower will enable you to change speeds for different types of snows and thicknesses.

    • Chute control: As the auger picks up snow, the chute sends the snow to the sides. There are two types of chute controls:

      • Manual: Here, you stop the motor on the snow blower, and direct the chute in the desired direction. You’ll notice that some snow blowers have a 190° range over which you can propel the snow.

      • Automatic: There are some snow blowers where you can control the chute direction from the handlebars, just as you control the speed.

    • Chute clearing tool: Note: You should never use your hands to clear the chute! The blades of the auger are still able to rotate, even when the motor is off. That can lead to cutting the fingers, and even amputation! Electric snow blowers that include clearing tools offer great value for money. Alternatively, an old wooden broom handle will do the trick.

    • Procedure if the chute clogs: If your snowblower clogs, turn the device off, and disengage the clutch. Wait for the blades to stop rotating, and insert the clearing tool or broomstick to get out the impacted snow. Do not remove any safety devices or shields, and keep your hands away from moving parts.

    • Skid shoes: The bottom of the snow blower can get scraped and damaged on hard pavement. Similarly, if you go over gravel or dirt, the auger will pick it up and send it through the chute as well. Skid shoes are an attachment that you put on the bottom of the snow blower--that protects the blades of the snow blower, as well as any gravel surface upon which you might run your snow blower. Also, if you’re running a snow blower over a patio, you don’t want to scratch the surface. That’s where a device like the Troy-bilt Flurry 1400 Electric Snow Thrower comes in handy: it has a plastic chassis and rubber blades, which minimize the chance of damaging or scratching your patio floor.

    • Number of blades: The number of blades in the snow blower will determine the amount of snow that the snow blower will be able to move, and the rate. For example, the Snow Joe Ultra SJ622E Snow Thrower has 4 blades on its rotor, which allow it to throw up to 720 pounds of snow per minute.

    • Heated handle grips: For those extra cold days, heated handle grips will make clearing snow much more comfortable!

    • For heavy snowfall: For larger areas with deeper snow (over 10 inches), you may find a two-stage gas snow blower much more effective.

    • Power steering: If you are looking for easy maneuvering, consider choosing a model that offers power steering.

    • Single-stage, Dual-stage, and Triple-stage: You’ll see that electric snow blowers are called “single-stage” snow blowers. But you’ll find gasoline-powered snow blowers that are dual-stage or even triple-stage. In a single-stage blower, there is an auger that picks up the snow with a corkscrew action. It is then shot out through the chute. In a dual-stage snow blower, there is also an impeller, that pushes the snow out after the auger picks it up. That will propel the snow a greater distance. Then there are triple-stage blowers, that also have an accelerator to propel the snow even more.

    • GreenWorks: GreenWorks is one of three brands belonging to Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC, and is renowned as a manufacturer of good quality outdoor equipment including electric snow blowers.

    • Toro: Toro is a worldwide supplier of outdoor tools and equipment, including electric snow blowers, that has been in operation for 100 years.

    • Snow Joe: The Snow Joe® Company are known for supplying good quality home maintenance tools for very affordable prices. Starting the company in 2004 with the first snow blower model, they are a well known and popular choice for consumers.​

    • Worx: Worx’s mission is zero emission, and their extensive line of electric yard tools is a testament to that commitment. Their products feature ergonomic designs that can be adjusted without any tools, for a wide range of body sizes, and their snow blower can throw snow up to 30ft away.

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