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The 10 Best Ghillie Suits  May 2022

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Best Ghillie Suits - ZORVEM Ghillie Suit, 3D Camouflage Hunting Apparel Review ZORVEM
9 . 6
Best Ghillie Suits - Avarmora Ghillie Suit 3D Camouflage Hunting Apparel Including Review Avarmora
9 . 4
Best Ghillie Suits - ANYDKE Ghillie Suit Camouflage Hunting Suits Outdoor 3D Review ANYDKE
9 . 3
Best Ghillie Suits - VIVO Ghillie Suit M/L Woodland Camo, OUTD-V001M Review VIVO
8 . 9
Best Ghillie Suits - Ghillie Suit for Men, 5 in 1 Ghillie Review DoCred
8 . 7
Best Ghillie Suits - LytHarvest Sniper Ghillie Suit Foundation, Ripstop, Camouflage Tactical Review LytHarvest
8 . 3
Best Ghillie Suits - AUSCAMOTEK Ghillie Suit Poncho for Hunting Bird Watch Review AUSCAMOTEK
7 . 9
Best Ghillie Suits - Sencen 5 in 1 Ghillie Suit for Men/Kids Review
7 . 8
Best Ghillie Suits - HELIYY 5 in 1 Ghillie Suit, 3D Camouflage Review HELIYY
7 . 5
Best Ghillie Suits - MOPHOTO 5 in 1 Ghillie Suit, 3D Camouflage Review MOPHOTO
7 . 0

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Your Guide To Buying a Ghillie Suit

By #<Author:0x00007f6562b15160>

    If you enjoy hunting, or playing a tactical sport such as airsoft or paintball, you might want to purchase a ghillie suit. A ghillie suit is covered in synthetic leaves or grass, and helps breaks up the outline of your body, so that you can blend in with the surroundings. Whether you are playing a tactical sport or hunting, it is superior to regular camouflage garments, in that it is much harder to detect. There are 2-piece ghillie suits, consisting of jacket and pants, and 1-piece poncho type suits. There are also ghillie kits, that allow you to custom-make your own suit, with netting to which you attach ghillie material.

    We've put together this guide to help you select the ghillie suit that answers to your needs. It'll help you:

    • Choose the right type of ghillie suit,

    • See useful tips about that type of ghillie suit,    

    • Read reviews of different brands of ghillie suit, and what customers are saying,

    • Select the right brand of ghillie suit, and

    • Compare prices and find the best deals.

    • Jacket and Pants: This gives greater mobility, which is essential when playing airsoft or paintball. A person acting as a sniper can use it as well. Some customers prefer this, because they can just wear the jacket without having to put on the pants.

    • 1-piece poncho type: This is preferable if you have to walk long distances in plain clothes, without the ghillie suit, and then when you reach your destination you put on the suit quickly over your clothes.

    • Ghillie Kits: This is netting to which you attach ghillie material: jute, leaves or synthetic material. Arcturus has a ghillie kit that gives you a 5’ x 9’ or 4’ x 5’ piece of netting, to which you attach a range of colors: The ghillie material comes in a variety of colors: woodland mix, black, brown, olive, jade, forest, mossy, or tan.  

    We can also distinguish between the different color patterns of ghillie suits:

    • Woodland--This will be a leafy, 3-D suit, with leaves in various colors. You can blend the various shades to adapt to different wooded areas or darker forest terrain.

    • Mossy--This will employ jute or some sort of synthetic grass.

    • Desert--This will use lighter, tan colors, to blend in with desert terrain.

    • Snow--A ghillie suit for snow will use predominantly white threads, with a mix of some black.

    • Many uses: People also employ ghillie suits when performing surveillance, to observe, gather evidence, or take photos without being detected. Even if you just want to observe wildlife or birdwatching, a ghillie suit is also a great idea to capture animals in their natural setting.

    • Doesn’t get caught on twigs and branches: The Outerdo 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit is specially made so that it won’t snag when walking among twigs and branches.

    • One size fits all: Some suits have an elastic, so that one suit can be Medium or XXL. The Modern Warrior Woodland and Forest Design Ghillie Suit is such a suit. Others come in various sizes, where you have to match it up with your dimensions.

    • Fire retardant material: Some suits and kits are sold as non-flammable material. The suit was treated with fire retardants. This is important, because the synthetic material or jute on its own is highly flammable. The Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit is made from special fire-retardant material.  

    • Preventing shedding: You would prefer a suit that is durable, where the leaves or grass foliage will not shed from your suit.

    • Pockets and hood: Having pockets is a big convenience, as well as having a hood to conceal your head. Some companies offer a rifle wrap, to cover your rifle with ghillie material as well.

    • Weight and comfort: You should look to see what is the weight of your suit. They will typically weigh around 4 pounds. Ghillie suits from synthetic materials are generally very hot--try to get a material that can “breathe”. (Customers were surprised how the Modern Warrior Woodland and Forest Design Ghillie Suit became hot within 5 minutes.) Some companies manage to eliminate the need for the netting, by sewing the ghillie material directly to the pants or jacket. That will reduce weight, and increase comfort when wearing the suit.

    • Sniping vs. hunting: Ghillie suits are sold by their intended purpose. There are ghillie suits for sniping, which don’t have any ghillie material on the front (a sniper will assumedly assume a position on his belly, so the ghillie material is not necessary there). Hunting suits will typically be the one-piece poncho type that covers you from all sides with the ghillie material. That way, an animal can be tricked into approaching you, since you remain unnoticed.

    • Ghillie costumes: There are also ghillie suits for children. They’re clearly not for any tactical use, but only as a costume or disguise.

    Modern Warrior--sell military and tactical helmets, bags and backpacks, vests, ghillie suits, and more.

    Arcturus Camo--was started in 2007. They design and make ghillie suits and other camouflage accessories. They make 3-D leaf suits, ghost ghillie suits, and warrior ghillie suits. They also make dry bags, camo wrap tape, suit thread, camouflage paint, and camouflage netting.

    Ghillie Suits--was founded in 2007 in Scottsdale Arizona. Their suits were originally geared towards the airsoft and paintball user. They make ghillie suits for desert, woodland, mossy, and snow environments. They also market camo netting, tactical gear, and survival essentials.

    Outerdo--was founded in 2015, for providing cycling accessories for road, racing and mountain bikes. They also supply hunting gear ghillie suits, and headlamps.


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