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The 10 Best Glow In The Dark Paints  Oct 2022

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Best Glow In The Dark Paints - Glow in the Dark Paint, 0.68 fl oz Review SpaceBeams
9 . 8
Best Glow In The Dark Paints - FolkArt Glow-in-the-Dark Acrylic Paint Set, Matte, 12 fl Review Folkart
9 . 5
Best Glow In The Dark Paints - Deco Art Ultimate Glow-In-The-Dark Paint 8oz Review DecoArt
9 . 1
Best Glow In The Dark Paints - Handy Art Glow in the Dark Acrylic Paint Review Handy Art
8 . 8
Best Glow In The Dark Paints - Tulip 17581 Dimensional Metallic Fabric Paint, 6-Pack (Glow) Review TULIP
8 . 5
Best Glow In The Dark Paints - Neon Nights Glow-in-The-Dark Paint - Multi-Surface Acrylic Paints Review neon nights
8 . 3
Best Glow In The Dark Paints - Glow In The Dark Paint - Premium Artist's Review Art 'N Glow
7 . 9
Best Glow In The Dark Paints - StarMaker Glow in The Dark Extreme FX Neutral Review Glomania
7 . 7
Best Glow In The Dark Paints - Individuall Glow in the Dark Paint - Set Review individuall
7 . 4
Best Glow In The Dark Paints - Artecho Glow in the Dark Paint - Set Review Artecho
7 . 3

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Your Guide To Buying a Glow In The Dark Paint


    Glow in the dark paints are perfect for crafts or every day use. Their unique formula allows for different colors and intensities to be used as you please, and will brighten up any painting or sculpture. How do you know if glow in the dark paint is right for you? There are many formulas and mediums that this paint can be used on, so finding the correct one is of great importance. This guide was developed with the common consumer in mind, providing types of paint and tips to ease the process of buying online.

    Most products are made of acrylic material and require a charging time to obtain its glow in the dark effect. However, there are different colors and features to take into consideration when choosing the paint you want to buy.


    Each color has a different glow time and visual effect.  Below is a list of the various colors available, as well as the longevity of their glow.

    • Green paint has the longest glow time and will also produce the brightest color.
    • Aqua paint glows slightly less than green and is the second brightest color you can buy.
    • Blue paint shows up in a vibrant color, but has a shorter glow range than aqua and green paints.
    • Lilac paint is an uncommon color to find in GID and has a short to medium glow range.
    • White paint is also difficult to find.  It has 2-5 hours of glow time and is slightly more expensive than the other GID paints.
    • Orange paint has 1-3 hours of glow time per charge, but can be recharged with UV rays from the sun or with a UV black light.
    • Pink and red paints have the shortest glow times and are very expensive and difficult to find. They must be used with black lights.

    Paint Types

    • Water-based paint can be used both indoors and outdoors on almost any adhesive surface, but is best for indoor use.
    • Solvent paint is best for outdoor use and is much stronger.
    • Daytime glow in the dark paints show vibrant colors in both lit and unlit rooms, but the color changes with the presence of light and darkness.

    Light Sources

    The brightness of the bulb is related to how long the phosphorescent material charges. Listed below are the types of lights that can be used to activate your GID paint, in order from least to most efficient.

    • White LED lights
    • Blue/purple LED lights
    • Incandescent standard bulb
    • CFL light
    • UV LED lights
    • Black lights
    • Direct sunlight

    Color intensity: People were more likely to be pleased with the product if it had an intense color and glow. To achieve maximum luminescence, most products should be charged with a UV light or with sun exposure for varying amounts of time.

    Absorption: Glow in the dark paint can be tricky to apply. Many users like the fact that some paints dry faster and are therefore easier to work with. Customers noted that some might be “streaky” and are better for defining certain things, but not for painting large areas of space.

    Light exposure: The purpose of glow in the dark paint is self-explanatory and the amount of time the product will actually glow before needing to be recharged is important, especially for special events.

    Toxicity: These paints may contain chemicals that are not safe for long-term inhalation when being used. There are models that contain non-toxic chemicals, and are great for painting children’s rooms or for projects that require use indoors.

    • Glow in the dark paints must be “charged” via UV light in order for the glowing to last longer in the dark. Invest in a UV black light if you don’t typically have sunlight every day and wish to continue creating your art.
    • Brush quality is necessary to consider for applying the paint—brushes that are thick and have more bristles are ideal, as they apply the paint more evenly.
    • Blending the paint can be difficult, as some types may dry faster than others. It must be done quickly to achieve the best results, and working in a cooler room temperature will be helpful to slow the time it takes for the paint to dry.
    • Take the time to read the instructions on the label of the paint to be sure that you are applying the right amount of thickness at a given time period.

    Glow Inc.: Provides many different colors of paints that glow in the dark, and are available in many different sizes at affordable prices. Its website contains a lot of information on painting techniques as well as fun projects to spark your creativity.

    DecoArt: Has been a go-to company for many artists, since being established in 1985. Its glow in the dark paint can be used on any surface, is non-toxic, and involves little cleanup time.

    Sargent Art: Makes a very gentle, but vibrant glow in the dark paint. This paint can wash out of everything, and has even been used as body paint. All of its products have been certified as non-toxic.

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