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The 10 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers  Aug 2022

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Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers - AcuRite 00592A4 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Humidity Sensor Review AcuRite
9 . 6
Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers - ThermoPro TP62 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Weather Hygrometer Review ThermoPro
9 . 5
Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers - VIVOSUN Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Digital Hygrometer Temperature Review VIVOSUN
9 . 2
Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers - ThermoPro Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless TP200B, Thermometer Indoor Review ThermoPro
9 . 0
Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers - AcuRite Digital Thermometer with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Review AcuRite
8 . 7
Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers - ThermoPro TP60S Digital Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Review ThermoPro
8 . 2
Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers - AcuRite 01136M Wireless Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Review AcuRite
7 . 9
Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers - Acurite Digital Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Thermometer 00754w4 Review AcuRite
7 . 7
Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers - Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Color Review Newentor
7 . 6
Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers - Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer - KESTE Review KESTE
7 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying an Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

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    Sometimes you want to have an idea of what the temperature is outside. But maybe the weather is too severe for you to go out yourself. Nowadays, indoor/outdoor thermometers can tell you the weather conditions using remotely placed sensors. They consist of two thermometers, where one reads the room temperature, and the other has a sensor to detect the outside temperature. You can use them in your home, or even in your car. Some wireless models are able to monitor the temperature in a number of places—this way, you can monitor the temperature in several rooms in your house at once. Here is a guide to some of the best indoor/outdoor thermometers on the market. 

    • Glass Thermometers: These employ a liquid that expands or contracts, as the temperature rises or falls. The liquid inside could be mercury, gallium-indium-stannum (or “galistan”), alcohol, or toluene.

    • Dial Thermometers: These work with a bimetal thermostat—two metals that expand and contract at different rates when heated or cooled. That causes a needle to move on the face of the dial. The Taylor Precision Products Outdoor Thermometer is from such a design. It is less accurate than the digital thermometers.

    • Digital Thermometers: Electronic thermometers are called “digital”, because they display the temperature in digital format. They employ a thermistor: a material that changes electrical current according to the temperature.

    • Wireless Thermometers are digital thermometers that can employ smart applications to send the information to your mobile device.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    • Useful in a freezer: It might be handy to put one of the sensors in the freezer. This way, you can be alerted if the food inside is unintentionally defrosting.

    • Power supply: It might be worth considering the number of batteries needed for the digital thermometer to operate—the unit typically comes without batteries. For example, the Asscom Weather Thermometer operates on a single “AAA” battery. The Ambient Weather WS-02 Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer requires 2 “AAA” batteries.

    • Wired probe: Instead of wireless sensors, Ambient Weather offers an indoor/outdoor thermometer that has a wired probe. It extends 6 feet away from the thermometer chassis. Although not as handy and versatile as the version with 8 sensors, the readings will be somewhat more reliable. (Some customers notice that the wireless sensors don't have the range advertised.)

    • Useful as an aquarium thermometer: Some people noticed that a good use for an indoor/outdoor thermometer is to keep track of the water temperature in an aquarium. Some thermometers have a waterproof probe that are perfect for such a purpose.

    • Inexpensive, but useful: People were impressed with the fact that many indoor/outdoor thermometers are quite affordable. More sophisticated units that are much more expensive will give the same information, but are also rather fragile. If the unit is inexpensive, it's not a big deal to replace it if it breaks.

    • Sensor distance: If you want your device to pick up the temperature at a distance, you want to know what that distance can be. The LaCrosse Technology WS-9160U-IT can pick up readings from a sensor at a distance of 330 feet.

    • Number of sensors: If you want to install sensors in several places in your house, it's important to know how many locations you can monitor at once. The LaCrosse Thermometer has 3 sensors. The Ambient Weather WS-09 is an 8-channel model: you can monitor the temperature in eight different places at once!

    • Saves daily low and high temperature: Another handy feature of the digital devices is that they can record their readings. Some save that day's high and low temperature, so that you can plan accordingly.

    • Sensors can't send signal outside of a metal box: If your refrigerator is made from metal, the sensor will not be able to send its signal through the refrigerator walls (the refrigerator acts as a “Faraday cage”, blocking the radio-frequency signal). This is important to note this when situating your sensors.

    • Alarm: There are thermometers with an alarm, that can alert you when the temperature of one of the sensors is too low or too high. (This might be useful in knowing the temperature inside your car, for example.)

    • Other functions: There are thermometers that tell you much more than just temperature: they can tell you the humidity, air pressure, and time.

    LaCrosse Technologywas started in 1983 by Allan McCormick, and are located in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. They deal in time and weather technology, clocks, mobile alert technology, thermometers and rain gauges. They make both traditional thermometers and thermometers that work with smartphone applications.

    Acurite—is a brand of Chaney Instrument Company, which in turn is under the ownership of the Primex family of companies. They are located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and were founded in 1943. They are an established weather product line, offering dependable weather forecasts and precision measuring instruments. They make thermometers, scales, and timers.

    Ambient Weather— is a company based in Chandler, Arizona. They have been manufacturing weather station and environmental monitoring instruments since 1998. They also make consumer weather products (dew point monitors, hygrometers, thermometers, and more), and infra-red thermometers as well.

    Asscom—are retailers of a number of phone accessories, kitchen implements, and thermometers for the kitchen and for weather.

    Taylor Precision Products—originally established in 1851, was acquired by Centre Partners in 2012. They originally worked on scale and measurement products. Their headquarters is presently located in Seattle, Washington. They make an 18-inch diameter thermometer that can allow you to measure the indoor and outdoor temperature.

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