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The 5 Best Inspection Cameras  Dec 2021

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Best Inspection Cameras - 50FT Industrial Endoscope, Oiiwak Borescope Camera for Pipe Review Oiiwak
9 . 7
Best Inspection Cameras - Teslong Dual Lens Inspection Camera with Light, Digital Review Teslong
9 . 5
Best Inspection Cameras - Dual Lens Endoscope with 5" Monitor, Teslong NTS500 Review Teslong
9 . 1
Best Inspection Cameras - Autofocus Endoscope with 5" Monitor, Teslong NTS500 Auto Review Teslong
8 . 9
Best Inspection Cameras - Dual Lens Industrial Endoscope, 1080P Digital Borescope Inspection Review
8 . 6

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Your Guide To Buying an Inspection Camera


    If you do work around the house—and especially if you do home or automotive repair for a living—you no doubt know the frustrated feeling you get when you just can’t quite see into tight spaces when looking for the source of a problem. You really don’t want to have to move that refrigerator or disassemble that motor if you can avoid it, but if you can’t see into the dark space, you might have to. An inspection camera helps you to avoid that situation. It comes with a tiny camera at the end of a tube that’s flexible enough to fit into tight spaces, but stable enough to give you the chance to see what’s going on. An inspection camera is a great addition to your tool kit, and here are some ways to find the best one.

    Color/monochrome cameras: Depending on the particular projects you need to do, you might want to opt for a color camera, which will allow you to see the problem in full color. If you just need to see whether or not everything is in place, then a monochrome display might give you all the information you need.

    Video recorders: Sometimes a snapshot doesn’t tell the whole story. If you need more information about how things move in relation to one another, be sure to look for a camera that allows you to record video.

    Traditional cameras: This is the bare-bones option. If you just need a quality snapshot of the problem, then go with a camera that will give you just that; it will save you money, since you won’t be paying for options that you don’t need (although you might end up needing or wanting them).

    Here are some of the qualities reviewers talk about when giving feedback about the cameras they purchased:

    • Picture quality: There really isn’t much point in buying any camera if it doesn’t take good pictures. This is especially true for a camera whose sole purpose is to show users what they can’t see for themselves. The best models take crystal-clear pictures that allow users to easily diagnose hidden problems.
    • Quality of the light: Since an inspection camera is designed to get into hard-to-reach spots (which are also usually dark), it makes sense that it needs to have a good light source. Great cameras are able to illuminate even the darkest of corners.
    • Camera size: Bigger isn’t always better—remember the function of an inspection camera. The most satisfied customers report that their camera can fit into any space, no matter how tight.
    • Flexibility/sturdiness of the “snake”: The snake is the tube that the camera fits into. In order for the camera to work properly, it needs to be flexible enough to adjust to the contours of the space, but sturdy enough to hold the shape the user bends it into. The best cameras do just that.
    • Controls: Look for a camera that has intuitive, easy-to-use controls. Remember that when you use the camera, you’re probably going to be busy working on a project, so you don’t want to have to stop every few seconds to consult the owner’s manual.
    • Screen resolution: Look for a model that provides excellent resolution, which will allow you to spot and diagnose problems as soon as they show up on the screen.
    • “Snake” length: Remember that the snake’s job is to allow you to move the camera into whatever position you need. Therefore, look for a model with a snake that’s long enough to fit into any corners that you need to inspect, but not so long that it’s difficult to control.
    • Waterproofing: This is obviously an essential feature if you’re planning on doing any work that involves plumbing, but as a general rule, it’s a good idea to go with a model that is waterproof, or at least water-resistant.

    Dewalt: Dewalt is one of the world’s leaders in power tool manufacturing, and has been since its founding in 1924. Unlike some companies that started out by making conventional tools and added power later, Dewalt has been in the power tools game since day one, and their experience shows. Today, the company makes power tools for virtually every job you can imagine.

    DBPower: DBPower is a British electronics manufacturer. The company’s goal is to make devices that can improve all aspects of their customers’ lives, from outdoor equipment to devices for the home to car accessories.

    Autel: Autel is a European manufacturer of diagnostic equipment, with offices around the world. The company’s specialization is automotive diagnostics, although some of its products (like its inspection cameras) can be used wherever they are needed.

    Ridgid: Ridgid’s stated goal is to produce durable, strong equipment that is also cutting-edge, intuitive, and easy to use.

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