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The 10 Best Mouthwashes  May 2022

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Best Mouthwashes - Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash to Kill 99% Review Listerine
9 . 8
Best Mouthwashes - Product of Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash, 2 Review Product of Listerine
9 . 3
Best Mouthwashes - Colgate Total Alcohol Free Mouthwash for Bad Breath Review Colgate
9 . 1
Best Mouthwashes - Listerine Freshburst Antiseptic Mouthwash with Germ-Killing Oral Care Review Listerine
8 . 8
Best Mouthwashes - Listerine Ultraclean Oral Care Antiseptic Mouthwash to Help Review Listerine
8 . 5
Best Mouthwashes - Nature's Answer Periobrite Cool Mint All-Natural Mouthwash | Review Nature's Answer
8 . 4
Best Mouthwashes - Crest Pro Health Intense Mouthwash with CPC Review Crest
8 . 1
Best Mouthwashes - Listerine Total Care Alcohol-Free Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash, 6 Review Listerine
7 . 6
Best Mouthwashes - HERITAGE STORE Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash, Original, Liquid, Menthol Review
7 . 3
Best Mouthwashes - HERITAGE STORE Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash, Liquid, Wintermint (Btl-Plastic) Review
7 . 3

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Your Guide To Buying a Mouthwash

By #<Author:0x00007f213bae0ea8>

    One of the first discoveries of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the inventor of the microscope, was bacteria in the human mouth. He looked at the plaque on his own teeth using his new invention--and was amazed by the sheer number of these little creatures.  Those bacteria can cause a number of problems: tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease, and some can even lead to heart ailments. Getting rid of those bacteria is important in good oral hygiene. Mouthwash can be of great help in achieving that. Although it can't substitute for flossing and brushing the teeth, it is still recommended to use mouthwash as well. There is mouthwash that protects against tooth decay, as well as fights bad breath. Here is a guide to some of the best mouthwashes on the market. 

    Mouthwash can be sorted according to what kind of bacteria it is supposed to eliminate:

    • Breath Freshener Mouthwash that contains chlorine and zinc neutralizes bad breath. The same ingredients also kill the bacteria that create sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.

    • Antibacterial—There are mouthwashes that are certified by the American Dental Association that the mouthwash kills the bacteria that cause gum disease and dental plaque.

    • Fights Tooth Decay—Mouthwash with fluoride coats the teeth and strengthens tooth enamel. This protects teeth against tooth decay. But the same mouthwash that has fluoride to protect usually can't also kill bacteria—so there is no one mouthwash that does everything.

    • Fights Gum Disease—There are prescription mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine, which eliminates the bacteria that cause gum disease—periodontitis and gingivitis.  

    • Teeth discoloring: Some mouthwashes which are designed against plaque or gum disease contain the compound Chlorhexidine digluconate. But as a result of killing those bacteria, it has the unwanted side effect of causing the teeth to discolor. There are over-the-counter products to whiten teeth. In addition, this discoloration can easily be removed by a dental hygienist.

    • Alcohol-free mouthwash—Alcohol is added to mouthwash in order to enhance that “fresh” feeling. But some people say that alcohol in mouthwash tends to dry out their mouth. When the mouth is dry, it doesn't let the saliva wash bacteria away. So the bacteria that are producing bad breath can come right back. There are organic mouthwashes that are alcohol-free, just to avoid that problem.

    • Repeated use: Bad breath is caused by bacteria and the sulfur compounds that they produce. So mouthwash to defeat bad breath will have to eliminate those bacteria. It won't be enough to use mouthwash once. You'll have to use it regularly to keep those bacteria from coming back in great numbers.

    • Maintain good oral hygiene: Mouthwash alone is not sufficient to remove the plaques of bacteria that collect on the teeth and tongue. The abrasion of brushing with a toothbrush, dental floss, or a tongue scraper, is also required. Mouthwash has to be used together with toothpaste and dental floss as part of an entire oral hygiene regimen.

    • Eliminate the problem: There are mouthwashes that are designed to do nothing more than mask bad breath. Try to look for products that will eliminate bacteria and get to the root cause of bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

    TheraBreath-- was founded by Dr. Harold Katz in 1994, after he developed an oral care system at the California Breath Clinic. His clinic treats ailments such as bad breath, taste disorders, tonsil stones, and dry mouth. His company manufactures toothpaste and oral rinse.

    Procter and Gamble--is a consumer goods company. They have brands of beauty care, baby care, fabric care, and health products. They were founded by William Procter and James Gamble in 1837 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Two of the best-selling mouthwashes, Crest and Scope, are Procter and Gamble brands.

    Bio-Pro-- is a manufacturer of oral care products. Their product, PerioClear, is an alcohol-free mouthwash that freshens breath using organic ingredients, such as Echinaecea, Green Tea, and Olive leaf. They also manufacture organic toothpaste and gum treatments.

    Cepacol—is part of the RB (=Reckitt Benckiser) North American Product Information website, which was founded in 1999. RB makes consumer goods for health, hygiene and the home. The brand Cepacol is a line of mouthwash and throat lozenges for treating a sore throat. 

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