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The 10 Best Mp4 Players  Jul 2020

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Best MP4 Players - G.G.Martinsen Pink Versatile MP3/MP4 Player with a Micro Review G.G.Martinsen
9 . 8
Best MP4 Players - SanDisk 32GB Clip Sport Go MP3 Player, Blue Review SanDisk
9 . 6
Best MP4 Players - TIMMKOO MP3 Player with Bluetooth, 4.0" Full TouchScreen Review TIMMKOO
9 . 1
Best MP4 Players - Tomameri - Portable MP3 / MP4 Player Review Tomameri
9 . 0
Best MP4 Players - Tomameri - Portable MP3 / MP4 Player Review Tomameri
8 . 7
Best MP4 Players - MP3 Player / MP4 Player, Hotechs MP3 Music Review Hotechs.
8 . 2
Best MP4 Players - MP3 Player, 24GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth 5.1 Review YFFIZQ
8 . 2
Best MP4 Players - 16GB MP3 Player, Supereye MP3 Player with Bluetooth Review SUPEREYE
7 . 7
Best MP4 Players - MP3 Player, 16GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth 4.2 Review BERENNIS
7 . 6
Best MP4 Players - 32GB MP3 Player, Mibao MP3 Player with Bluetooth Review mibao
7 . 3

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Your Guide To Buying a Mp4 Player

By #<Author:0x00007f05b78d2d40>

    The MP4 player is the logical extension to the MP3 player. (“MP” here stands for “music player”.) An MP3 player only plays audio files, with the file extension “*.mp3”—that will cover music and speech. An MP4 player can play video files as well. The types of files it plays can have the extension “*.mp4”, but some also handle .avi, .mpg, and .flv files. But there are big differences in terms of their dimensions: you can get an MP4 player with a screen as big as 7 inches on the diagonal! There are also variations in how much music and video they can hold, how long they can play it back without running out of power, and what other functions they have. Here is a guide to some of the best MP4 players on the market.

    • Hard drive based: These have larger capacity—11 GB or more. But they are fragile.

    • Micro hard drive based: These are smaller in size, and also in capacity. The batteries cannot be replaced, so eventually they can't be recharged.

    • Flash-based: This can come in rechargeable versions with irreplaceable batteries, but since they use less electricity, they'll last longer. There are also flash-based MP4 players that have replaceable batteries, which extends its life even further. 

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    • Organize your files: It's best to copy organized folders of music, video, and text from your computer into the MP4 player. Otherwise, it will not be easy arranging them or accessing them afterwards.

    • Lightweight but sturdy: Some MP4 players are amazingly lightweight. But that might come at a price—some say that if they move around or jog while watching a video or listening to music, they get a format error. So make sure your model is also sturdy.

    • Frees up your phone: If you have a smartphone, you probably have all the functionality that a MP4 offers, and even more. But an MP4 will help you free up space on your phone, so you can use it for other things.

    • File transfer: MP4 players typically will come with a USB cable to hook them up to a computer to upload songs, video, or photos.

    • Types of files that can be viewed: Since they have a screen, MP4 players will allow you to look at photos and text files, as well as using it for audio and video. You can even use them for e-books (even though the screen is a bit small). But check the player's limitations: some won't play iTunes or .wav files, for example.

    • Capacity of the MP4 player: Some MP4 players use a micro SD card for storing files. Others have a built-in hard disk with a 32 or 64 GB capacity, which you can expand by inserting a micro SD card of different capacities—it's not uncommon to find micro SD cards with 32, 64 or even 128 GB capacity. But the Goldenseller MP4 will only accept up to a 32 GB micro SD card.

    • Hours of playback: When fully charged, some MP4 players can run for 4, 5 or even 10 hours of playback.

    • Headphones: Some MP4 players have internal speakers, so you don't need to attach anything to listen to music. But typically an MP4 player will also come with basic earbuds or headphones, and you can always upgrade and buy better ones. There is also an option to hook up mini-speakers to them. Some allow even bluetooth earbuds.

    • Language interface: Some MP4 players will allow you to set up the menu interface in a number of languages: French, German, Spanish, etc.

    • Equalizer functions: Some will have a sound equalizer, for different listening styles: rock, pop, classical, jazz, etc.

    • Additional features: There are MP4 players that have other functions as well, such as a microphone for recording, a GPS, a camera or FM radio. Take note of the number of megapixels of the camera's resolution—that will tell you the quality of the pictures that it takes.

    • Screen Size: The most common screen size is 4.3 inches on the diagonal, but the upper limit is around 7 inches. 

    FecPecu—are makers of MP3 and MP4 music players. Their players are expandable, and can include FM radio as well.

    Goldenseller—make a series of MP3/MP4 players. They also make mini-monitors with a camera to ease backing up, bluetooth headsets, and more.

    G.G. Martinsen—make a series of MP3/MP4 players, that play music and video, in a variety of capacities. They also make spy glasses with a digital video recorder, a spy camera pen, car tracking devices, headphones, and computer peripherals.

    Lecmal—make MP3/MP4 players, but they also make a wide range of electronic gadgets. They market digital video recorder cameras, dashboard cameras, bluetooth headphones, microphones, music receivers, 

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