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The 10 Best Rivet Guns  Dec 2021

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Best Rivet Guns - DoubleSun Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Riveter-Professional Pop Pneumatic Review DoubleSun
9 . 7
Best Rivet Guns - Marson 39000 HP-2 Professional Hand Riveter Review Sherman
9 . 5
Best Rivet Guns - 14'' Rivet Gun Kit Rivnut Thread Setting Tool Review
9 . 3
Best Rivet Guns - USA 12'' Rivet Gun Kit Rivnut Thread Setting Review
8 . 9
Best Rivet Guns - Rivet Nut Gun Kit Rivnut Setting Tools Nut Review
8 . 7
Best Rivet Guns - WETOLS Rivet Gun with 120 Pcs Rivets, Manual Review WETOLS
8 . 3
Best Rivet Guns - Rivet Gun Kit Rivnut Thread Setting Tool Nut Review
8 . 0
Best Rivet Guns - iMeshbean Rivet Gun & Mandrel & 180 Nuts Review Imeshbean
7 . 8
Best Rivet Guns - 900PCS Rivet Nut Gun Kit Rivnut Tool Nut Review
7 . 3
Best Rivet Guns - Tacklife 3 in 1 Rivet Gun, 11" Rivet Review Tacklife
7 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying a Rivet Gun

By #<Author:0x00007efde9e1b2a0>

    If you have some do-it-yourself projects using sheet metal, you might find a rivet gun handy. It can also be used to attach aluminum siding to your roof, or for minor repairs in your home. But rivets can be a useful means of fastening in some unexpected instances: there are rivets that can be used on leather goods or fabrics as well, like attaching straps to a bag. The attachment will be much stronger, and will save a lot of effort that you would have to exert in sewing the materials together. But you have to know what rivet gun is best for your needs. Here is a guide to some of the best rivet guns on the market.  

    We can classify rivet guns by how they are powered:

    • Hand-powered: This will be the typical rivet gun that you'll buy for small riveting DIY projects. The rivet is inserted from the pressure that you exert with your hand.

    • Pneumatic: This rivet gun applies air pressure to insert squeeze rivets. A typical pneumatic rivet gun takes in from 90 to 120 PSI of air, and squeezes the rivets with 3000 pounds of force.

    • Pneumatic-Hydraulic: This type of rivet gun employs air pressure, together with circulating oil that presses the rivet in place.

    We can also classify rivet guns by the types of rivets that they insert:

    • Slow-hitting/Fast-hitting: In these models, upon pressing a trigger, the head of the gun strikes the rivet somewhere between 2000-5000 strikes per minute. Slow-hitting guns are recommended for hard materials, such as steel rivets, while the fast hitting guns are for softer metals such as aluminum.

    • Corner—This type of rivet gun is used to insert rivets at a right angle.

    • Squeeze—In the squeeze rivet gun, you insert the rivet into the project, and place the rivet gun on the top and bottom of the rivet. You then press the handles together—the head and tail of the rivet will be squeezed in place.

    • Pop—In this type, you insert the long stem of the pop (or "blind") rivet into the pop rivet gun, and squeeze the handles together repeatedly, until the rivet goes into the prepared hole.

    • Cap—These are small rivets that are used in leather crafts, where strength is necessary. They come in single- and double-ended cap rivets.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    • Note when using pop rivets: Don't expect a rivet gun to work like a staple gun. For example, a rivet gun that uses pop rivets will require several tries—around 5 or 6--before the rivet actually goes into the piece of metal you are riveting. You'll know that the rivet went in when the tail of the rivet breaks off into the rivet gun.

    • Periodic maintenance: Some models, especially the pneumatic and hydraulic rivet guns, will require that you oil the tool periodically. That means opening up the base of the handle, which could take some dexterity.

    • Match the mandrel to the nose-piece: The mandrel is the long tail on the pop rivet, that you insert into the rivet gun. Make sure that the mandrel fits into the nose piece without forcing it in—if it doesn't go in easily, it's probably the wrong size of nosepiece.

    • Spanner Wrench: Some rivet guns have a spanner wrench tool that allow you to change the nozzle attachments, if you want to attach a different size of rivet. In some models, the wrench will conveniently fit into the handle of the rivet gun.

    • Match the nose piece to the rivet pin: You must make sure that the nozzle (or, “nose piece”) on your rivet gun matches the size of the rivet pin that you are inserting.

    • Prepare holes for the rivets: You must prepare a hole in the metal project where you wish to insert the rivet. Use a drill bit with the same diameter as the size of rivet that you are attaching.

    Astro Pneumatic Tool Companyhas been importing and manufacturing automotive tools since 1976. They deal in air tools, under-car tools, body shop equipment, lifting equipment, and hand tools. They are located in El Monte, California.

    Alert—sells the Marson 39001 HP2 Professional Riveter Kit, besides being retailers of hardware and tools. Some of their implements include extension cord reels, lighting solutions, glue guns, automobile buffers, and more.

    Tooluxe—are retailers of tools and automotive repair equipment. They sell tire repair kits, wrenches, jacks, drill bits, and much more. One of their products is the Tooluxe Air Rivet Gun. Their rivet gun has a variety of nosepieces, and can insert a range of rivet sizes.

    Malco—is a manufacturer of automotive and autobody supplies. They were founded in 1950 by Mark W. Keymer. Their facilities are located in Annandale, Minnesota. They make dent removal tools, hemming tools, hole punch tools, tools for fences and rails, HVACR equipment, and more.

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