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The 10 Best Staplers  Sep 2023

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Best Staplers - Bostitch Stapler with Staples - InPower Red Stapler Review Bostitch Office
9 . 7
Best Staplers - Amazon Basics Stapler Value Pack Including Staples Review Amazon Basics
9 . 4
Best Staplers - Amazon Basics Stapler with 1000 Staples, for Office Review Amazon Basics
9 . 3
Best Staplers - Bostitch Office Heavy Duty Stapler, 40 Sheet Capacity Review Bostitch Office
8 . 9
Best Staplers - Business Source Desktop Staplers Desk Stapler (65646) Review Business Source
8 . 5
Best Staplers - Mr. Pen Staplers with 200 Staples, 20 Sheet Review Mr. Pen
8 . 4
Best Staplers - Officemate Standard Staples, 5 Boxes General Purpose Staple Review Officemate
7 . 9
Best Staplers - Deli Stapler, Desktop Staplers with 640 Staples, Office Review deli
7 . 8
Best Staplers - Swingline Stapler, 747 Iconic Desktop Stapler, 25 Sheet Review Swingline
7 . 5
Best Staplers - Swingline Stapler, Optima 25, Full Size Desktop Stapler Review Swingline
7 . 3

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Your Guide To Buying a Stapler

By #<Author:0x00007f18b89706f8>

    A stapler is one of the most useful tools in the office, home or store. If you want to attach the pages of a report or other document to keep them in order, there is no better choice than using a good stapler. Or if you work in a store, many times you'll want to attach the sales receipt to the warranty. But there are quite a few designs out there—and what you buy depends on your needs. If you need to take a stapler with you everywhere you go, for light tasks, you might want a mini-model stapler. If you staple many pages at once, many times over the course of the day, you might need a heavy-duty stapler. Here is a guide to some of the best staplers on the market.

    • Desktop staplers: Desktop staplers can usually handle stapling up to 25-30 pages at a time. These are divided into several types: Full-size, compact, and mini-staplers. They are distinguished by the number of staples that they can hold:

    • A full-size stapler can hold a full strip of 210 staples.
    • A compact stapler can hold half of that, at around 105 staples.
    • And a mini-stapler can hold ¼ of a whole strip, at around 50 staples.

    These staplers also open up in such a way so as to allow you to staple announcements on a bulletin board.

    • There are also plier staplers, that you hold like a pair of pliers. Some find this to be a more comfortable method of stapling. But you can't use such a stapler to put up sheets on a bulletin board or cork-board.

    • Electric staplers: These drive a staple through anywhere from 2 to 70 sheets of paper at once. When you place some sheets of paper into the stapler, it automatically drives a staple through the sheets. There are electric staplers that are primarily for an office which does a lot of stapling—they use a special staple cartridge. But there are simpler models which use the same staples as the manual stapler.

    • Heavy-duty staplers: This is usually a model that stands upright on the desktop. It can drive staples through as much as 210 sheets of paper! They will typically have a guide for you to set how far in you want to staple from the edge of the paper. The Onotio Heavy-Duty stapler is made especially for stapling through over 200 sheets.

    • Specialty staplers: There are staplers that are made for padded envelopes, or oversize documents. There are also ergonomic staplers, that are made with a soft grip to be easier on the hands.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    • Getting the right type of staples: Some companies are particular that you use the right type of staples on their staplers. On the other hand, Bostitch makes staples that can be used in any standard size or mini-stapler. Not using the right type of staples will cause the stapler to jam much more often.

    • Jamming: One big complaint is about how often the stapler jams. It's natural that the stapler gets stuck once in a while. But if it happens often, you should try returning the model. People notice that even the good models will tend to jam more often after a long period of use--even if they always use the correct size of staples.

    • Length of the staples: If you typically have to staple a lot of pages together (for a pamphlet, let's say), you will want to consider a heavy-duty stapler that can accommodate longer staples. This way, they can staple together as much as 150 pages at once. The size of the staple legs will determine how many pages you can staple at once—for example, 3/8” staples will make it through 100+ pages.

    • Personalized staplers: Since a stapler is a “staple” of a person's desk, some relate to it like a permanent fixture in the office. Some companies, like Swingline, have a feature where you can order a personalized stapler. The stapler will have a personalized sticker affixed to it—displaying your favorite sports teams, art work, or comic or even cartoon characters!

    Bostitch Office—was founded by Thomas Briggs in 1896, as the Boston Wire Stitch Company. They originally produced wire stitching machines. Over the years, they started manufacturing strips of staples that are collated with glue, as well as staple guns to fasten them. They make a series of staplers, hole punchers, sharpeners, and other tools. Their headquarters is presently in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

    Swingline-- is a stationery goods company specializing in making staplers and hole punchers. They were founded in Queens, New York in 1925, but they presently have their headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illinois. They make various staplers and stapler accessories, as well as paper shredders, laminators, pencil sharpeners, and more.

    Paperpro—is a brand of the company Amax, Inc. They were founded in 2004, and they make staplers and hole punchers. They are also located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

    Onotio—are manufacturers of a heavy-duty office desk stapler. It has special features that allow you to staple up to 130 sheets of paper at once. It also has a feature to staple the paper at different distances from the edge of the paper.

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