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The 10 Best Tablets  Feb 2020

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Best Tablets - Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 7 inch Tablet, Android 8.1 Review vankyo
9 . 9
Best Tablets - RCA 10 inches Quad Core Tablet with Keyboard Review RCA
9 . 4
Best Tablets - All-New Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet – Review Amazon
9 . 2
Best Tablets - RCA Viking Pro 10 Inch Tablet with Folio Review RCA
8 . 8
Best Tablets - All-New Fire HD 10 Tablet Review Amazon
8 . 6
Best Tablets - Fire HD 8 Tablet Review Amazon
8 . 4
Best Tablets - Tablet 10 Inch Android 9.0 3G Phone Tablets Review ZONKO
7 . 9
Best Tablets - RCA 10 & 12.2 inch Cambio Windows 10 Review RCA
7 . 7
Best Tablets - Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Inch (T510) 32 Review Samsung
7 . 6
Best Tablets - Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 32 GB Wifi Review Samsung
7 . 0

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Your Guide To Buying a Tablet


    If you are looking for more portability than a laptop or notebook but with similar functionality, then a tablet is just what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for something small to take traveling with you or something larger so that your office is always with you, there is a tablet out there for you. To help you choose which one, we have put together this tablet buying guide offering all the information you need to make deciding easy.

    There are a variety of tablets on the market, with each brand offering a variety of sizes (7, 8 and 10+ inch) and operating systems (OS). Choosing between them will depend on your budget, needs, and OS preferences. To help you compare tablets, here is an explanation of each for you to review:

    Android OS Tablets: These tablets are operated by Android, a Google operating system. Offering a lot more felxibilty with music and movie downloads, these tablets link to Google Play and the models come with Amazon apps for movies, books, and music downloads.

    7 inch Tablets: 7 inch models are the most portable of the tablets and fit easily into any purse or bag. These lightweight tablets can fit into one hand, making them the ideal way to watch, read, or listen while on vacation or while commuting to work.

    8 inch Tablets: Offering more features and storage options than a 7 inch, yet still offering lightweight portable sizes, 8 inch tablets are the perfect balance between size and function with their larger screens.

    10+ inch Tablets: These tablets offer the best storage and feature options. Their sizes make for a more convenient tablet for working while still being portable enough to carry around with you wherever you go.

    iOS Tablets: These tablets are operated by Apple’s iOS operating systems. Linked to Apple’s App Store and iTunes, these tablets are ideal for people who already have iPhones and/or Apple computers and want something that can easily synch with all their other devices.

    Windows Tablets: Windows tablets run on a Windows OS, similar to the Windows operating systems you find on most laptops and computers. Ideally suited to worth with programs such as Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, they are a great extension to your work PC.

    1. Build: Owners review their tablets well for lightweight quality builds noting portability, screen quality, and speakers good enough to be used without using ones headphones. Comparing the reviews of best rated tablets will ensure you are satisfied with your tablet purchase.
    2. Battery Life: Battery life is a big concern for tablet reviewers and the longer the battery life, the better the tablet reviews are. Another contributing factor to battery life is recharging times, and tablets that recharge quickly are valued much higher.
    3. Features: Tablets with power-down functions, USB ports, and microSD slots are crowd pleasers. Owners feel power-down functions help conserve valuable battery life, and USB and microSD slots add more storage and file sharing functionality.
    4. Operation: Tablets that are fast and responsive when choosing and changing apps and have an equally responsive screen are rated much higher than those that don’t offer the same easy operation. To ensure you are satisfied with your tablet purchase, look for enough RAM and a good processor for smooth operation.
    • Your tablet should be at least Wi-Fi connected, meaning wherever you have access to Wi-Fi you can connect to the internet. For added connectivity, choose a tablet that allows you to insert a sim card for cellular 3/4G connections. This will mean you can always access the internet regardless of your Wi-Fii situation.
    • The bigger the internal storage of your new tablet, the more apps, photos, games, music, books, and photos you will be able to store on your device. You should look for a tablet with 16GB of storage or higher. Some tablets offer the extra convenience of being able to link to an online cloud, or virtual storage area, that you can access via Wi-Fi, freeing up more space on your device’s hard drive. Some offer microSD slots which will give you a lot more storage flexibility as well. Finally, another way to increase your connection and storage options is to look for a tablet with Bluetooth capabilities, which will allow you to sync and copy from other devices much easier.
    • Accessories that are not often included in the purchase but that you should consider buying are: screen protectors, keyboards, and cases. These will protect your tablet and make it easy to use.
    • Who are you buying the tablet for? If you are buying a tablet for the kids or if your children will be making use of it regularly, opt for a tablet designed to take some rough handling. Kids tablets come in a variety of fun designs, builds that can withstand a little bit of mishandling, and with preloaded activities to keep the kids entertained for hours on your next family vacation. If you are buying it for yourself or a family member that needs it for work, choose a 10+ inch with more storage options.
    • When it comes to choosing operating systems, Android will give you the most flexibility with choosing places to download apps and other content, while iOS will work well for users already utilizing iTunes or the Apple store. Microsoft offers a comfortable system that can sync well with your MS Office documents.
    • When choosing between different product specs offered by different tablet models, think about your needs and your budget. Tablet RAM ranges between 1 - 3 GB, and the higher the RAM, the quicker your tablet will be when switching between and closing apps. There are a variety of tablet processor options, but for better productivity look for 64-bit or equivalent models.
    • Battery life is a big consideration when choosing between tablets. For travel, where you will be away from outlets to recharge for extended periods of time, opting for a tablet with longer a battery life will offer you more convenience. Tablet batteries typically last 7 - 12 hours, depending on the activities you will be doing, before they have to be recharged. If this is important for you, compare expectant battery life before purchasing.
    • Features to consider that will add more convenience and function to your purchase: USB ports for transferring files, power-down functions that save you battery power while you are not using your tablet, and an HD screen for better viewing quality.

    Amazon: Amazon is the largest internet based commerce company in America. Starting as an online bookstore, they have expanded to include an almost infinite number of products including their own designed electronics and tablets.

    ASUS: Asus is the leading technology company in Taiwan and a top contender globally. Manufacturing quality computerised electronic products and parts, they are known for their innovative laptops, notebooks, tablets, servers, and smartphones.

    Lenovo: Starting in 1984, Lenovo is now the largest PC distributer, and the fourth largest smartphone company. With over 57,000 employees, they serve customers with quality PC equipment and laptops in over 160 countries worldwide.

    Microsoft: Microsoft has been on the forefront of computer technology since 1975 when they were formed after creating a simple operating system designed for the first home computers. Now a world leader in software and devices such as smartphones and tablets, Microsoft continues to grow.

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