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The 10 Best Blu-ray Players  Aug 2020

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Best Blu-Ray players - (Renewed) Sanyo FWBP505F Blu-ray Player 6FT HDMI Cable Review SANYO
9 . 6
Best Blu-Ray players - LG BP175 Blu-Ray DVD Player, with HDMI Port Review LG
9 . 3
Best Blu-Ray players - LG Electronics BP550 Blu-Ray Player with Wi-Fi Review LG
9 . 3
Best Blu-Ray players - Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray Disc Player with Built-in Wi-Fi Review NEEGO
8 . 8
Best Blu-Ray players - LG Electronics 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi Review LG
8 . 5
Best Blu-Ray players - Sony All Region Free Blu Ray A B Review Sony
8 . 3
Best Blu-Ray players - (Renewed) Philips BDP1502 Blu-Ray Disc / DVD Player Review PHILIPS
8 . 1
Best Blu-Ray players - (Renewed) LG BPM35 / BP350 Blu-ray Disc Player Review LG
7 . 7
Best Blu-Ray players - LG BP350 Blu-ray Disc & DVD Player Full Review LG
7 . 6
Best Blu-Ray players - LG BP350 Blu-ray Disc & DVD Player Full Review LG
7 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying a Blu-ray Player


    Unlike HD DVD players, blu-ray players use blue laser technology which enhances viewing quality. They work as a team with your HD TV for the ultimate home entertainment experience, and bring the cinema straight to your living room! Whether you want to take your movies on the road for your family vacation, or set up your entertainment system before the holidays, there is a blu-ray player to suit your needs. To help you make sense of the options, we have put together this blu-ray players shopping guide.

    Blu-Ray players differ in size and style, depending on the brand, and come in either standard like the above or portable. You can also get external readers so that you can play your blu-ray disks from your laptop. Here is a explanation to help you review, compare and choose the correct fit for you:

    External Blu-ray Drives: If you looking for a way to play your favorite blu-ray movies on your laptop, then this is perfect for you! They plug into your laptop via USB, allowing you to play blu-ray disks wherever you are and are perfect for people who want more viewing options with their notebooks.

    Standard Blu-ray Players: These differ in features from brand to brand. All standard players allow you to play regular DVD’s and blu-ray disks. For added pleasure, some include wi-fi technology for you to link with streaming videos or your tablets and phones. There is a style for every taste and a price for any budget!

    Portable Blu-ray Players: Portable players are small, lightweight and efficient. They normally come with a 7-10 inch screen and allow you to watch movies anywhere, any time. Either as a clamshell shape (like a laptop) or flat screen like a tablet, they are great for traveling or adding to an RV.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    1. Ports: Players with USB ports will allow you to plug in your hard drive to play already download movies, music or display photos and are valued higher by consumers. For much better flexibility, choose a blu-ray player with this handy function.
    2. Disk loading: Reviewers value their blu-ray players that load the disk quickly and quietly. Smooth quick loading will mean less time and frustration during your movie marathons.
    3. Wifi capabilities: With Wifi connections and onboard apps from reviewers favorite streaming services, there is nothing their new player won’t be able to do! These features add a lot of functionality to your player and give you a lot more movie and programming options for your money.
    4. Easy to use: People enjoy their players that are easy to install and easy to operate more than those that are too complicated. Having a user-friendly interface, remotes, and functions will give you high quality movies as simply as pressing play.
    • When setting up your home entertainment, choosing the same quality manufacturer, like the top brands below, for all your equipment will mean easy set-up and synchronizing.
    • If you have older CDs and DVDs, not to worry! Blu-ray players are able to play these as well.
    • If if you want a player that is easy to store out of site, then look for one that can link via your smartphone or tablet. These players allow you to operate them via wifi, keeping the machine hidden.
    • If you want to connect to streaming video, choose a blu-ray player with wi-fi adapters. Linking to your home network easily and efficiently, they add more viewing pleasure to your player.
    • For the full 3D experience, buy a 3D enabled blu-ray player to pair up with your 3D TV.
    • Considering file formats is important. If you are looking to just play your blu-ray disks, then standard value for money players are what you are looking for. For more options, look for a player that plays MP3s for those party nights or JPEGs for a vacation photo presentation.
    • Looking to make your own blu-ray disks? Burners with a high speed can help you make those high quality family movies when attached to a laptop!
    • If you plan on connecting your player to your external hard drive, choose one with a 3.0 USB port.
    • When choosing a player, choose one marketed in your home country. USA-sold blu-ray players, for example, are region coded to play discs with content authorized by the USA.
    • Choosing a portable player with screens that rotate will give you more viewing options. It is also possible to strap these to your car headrests to keep the kids entertained on those long distance drives.
    • Your higher-end portable blu-ray players will have a much better battery life, which is important for those long trips.

    OPPO: Founded in 2004, OPPO is a Chinese electronics manufacturer, and at one time held the record for the world’s thinnest smartphone are making big strides in blu-ray technology.

    Sony: Japanese electronics conglomerate Sony was ranked 87th on the 2012 Fortune Global 500 list. They derived their name from sonus, the Latin word for sound and are known for top blu-ray players.

    Samsung: Samsung began in 1938 as a Korean trading company, and by 2013 had $327b in global revenue. They have become a household name in home electronics and their blu-ray players are considered high quality products.

    Panasonic: Started in 1918 in Japan, Panasonic’s goal is to contribute to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people worldwide.They have successfully done this and today offer quality brands to consumers included well reviewed blu-ray players.

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